Yet *more* on restaurants/working.

Re: this Twitter thread and the article it links to.

If your business model requires paying people starvation wages to survive, it’s possible you have a business model that doesn’t actually work.

In the thread, Stephen Hayes tweets, “Jason Furman, chairman of the WH CEA under Barack Obama, says of boosted gov benefits/UI: ‘More than half of workers will get more from being unemployed than they would be from being employed.'”

The stimulus payment was $1400. That’s like a rent payment around here, maybe two rent payments if you’re rural. Expanded UI is $300/week, or $1200/month (plus whatever you’d get off regular unemployment). That’s $14,400/year. If your shitty wages can’t beat $14,400/year, you deserve to lose your employees.

More on restaurant work.

Great thread, starts here. Another thing is that restaurant jobs kind of work like abusive relationships, in that you don’t really realize how bad the situation was until you’ve been out of it. Then you look back and you’re like, “JFC, that was awful, how did I never notice?”