Satyrs in a kids’ movie?

I think people need to read more mythology before they write a movie.

Is Momoa meant to be a satyr here, and if so, did anyone read anything about satyrs before they paired one with a child on a magical adventure? Because, um.

I guess he might be more of a faun, which is slightly better? I mean, fauns aren’t quite so clearly associated with debauched orgies as satyrs are.

Does Sen. Barrasso not know how to count?

When you really want to dunk on Biden, but numbers are hard.

Joe Biden had been president for about 45 days when Sen. John Barrasso tweeted this foolishness. In case anyone is confused, 45 is less than 100.

Well, I’m already tired of this guy’s opinions.

Joe Manchin. 💩

See, the thing is, the “involvement of the minority” is supposed to be reasonable good-faith arguments about the merits of a bill that are considered by all, not the bullshit the GOP shovels to stonewall governing.


Not perfect, but lots of fun.

I enjoyed WandaVision – it was a great character study with good stuff about trauma and grief. I was a bit miffed with the ending giving Wanda a pass on the harm she did, but otherwise I was very pleased with the show.

Can’t wait to see spectral Vision pop up again. Loved how the Vision vs. Vision fight was resolved via philosophy debate. Very in character, nice callback to Age of Ultron.

I was kinda sad the Quicksilver thing turned out to be stunt casting. Funny, meta, but also, y’know. Booooo.