Reading List (4/30/21)

Recently one of our kitties escaped. Our cats are strictly indoors, and one is fine with that, and the other considers it a terrible injustice. Injustice Kitty slipped outdoors last weekend at some point, promptly got lost because he’s just very very dumb (super sweet, but so dumb), and was taken to the local humane society by some kindly soul.

We left a message there as soon as we realized he was missing, and they called us back, so we retrieved our cat fairly quickly. He was extremely upset about the whole thing, for about a day, and then he promptly forgot all about it. Because, as I said, so dumb. Now he has no idea it ever even happened and he’s back to trying to slip out the door whenever we open it.

So, of course, this means he has to have a collar from now on. We got him one, and it came with a teeny little bell on it, which completely baffles him. There is a jingle toy, and it’s following him around constantly, and he thinks it may be invisible. The other day I watched him go to scratch his neck, and he kicked the bell then did a startled double-take because his foot was jingling.

This cat.

At any rate, some good reading for the weekend:

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Not enough workers?


If you can’t do that, your business model is crap and works only because you’ve been allowed to exploit workers.

🔗 Axios: America scrambles for restaurant workers

Vaccinations keep climbing, and restaurants are ready to roar back this summer. But eateries from Miami to Martha’s Vineyard to Los Angeles are facing the same problem: not enough workers.

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Apparently the post office is trolling social media for extremist’s posts?

🔗 Yahoo News: The Postal Service is running a ‘covert operations program’ that monitors Americans’ social media posts

The details of the surveillance effort, known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public. The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as “inflammatory” postings and then sharing that information across government agencies.

Which, like, yes, someone official should probably be keeping an eye out for extremism and sharing that information around, but the Post Office? They do have a pretty crackerjack investigations unit from what I understand, but… Do they have jurisdiction? This is weird and a little concerning.

The jury came back with guilty verdicts for Derek Chauvin.

Excellent news.

🔗 NPR: Watch Live: Derek Chauvin Found Guilty Of George Floyd’s Murder

The jury has found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all the counts he faced over the death of George Floyd. The trial has been one of the most closely watched cases in recent memory, setting off a national reckoning on police violence and systemic racism even before the trial commenced.
Chauvin has been found guilty of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.

News Roundup (4/19/21)

It seems like Blue Check Twitter was taking turns whining about wearing masks outside all weekend. 🙄 “WhY aRe VaCcInAtEd PeOpLe WeArInG mAsKs OuTsIdE?” they complain, and then go on to pontificate about the incredibly low odds of catching COVID-19 while wandering around outside.

I dunno, maybe because over half a million people have died in the US and we’re all still feeling a little twitchy about it? Maybe because we don’t know shit yet and better safe than sorry? Maybe because not everyone is vaxxed yet? Maybe because not everyone can be vaxxed and they should get to be/feel safe too? Maybe because even mild or asymptomatic COVID can still cause lasting harm and we don’t want to deal with that?

And like, yeah, it’s fairly safe to be outside without a mask for most people, especially if you’ve been vaccinated. I don’t wear a mask outside unless I’m going to be an area where there’ll be other people around and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay away from them. Like, walking my dog around the neighborhood where I can step off the sidewalk or cross the street if I see people? No mask. In town where there’ll be folks wandering around everywhere? Mask.

But we have a population that’s still, a year later, failing to understand that the mask needs to cover your mouth and your nose. Maybe don’t complicate things for people? Just a thought. Wear a mask.

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