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Books I Read in August 2022

Not a huge fan of the Wayward Children books, as it turns out. They’ve won a bunch of awards, including a Hugo for Best Series or some such this year, but they’re not my cup of tea. They’re pretty obviously for younger readers, for starters. Heavy on the telling not the showing, kind of light on plot. Didn’t care for them.

The Law was fun, a short little side-trip into the Dresden universe to see what’s up since the last book.

Sympathy for the Devil was surprisingly good. I’ve really enjoyed The Orville anyway. The book is built off a script that didn’t get used during the most recent season due to plague/timing problems, I think. Kind of a shame – I’d have loved to see it on the TV show.

After having watched The Sandman on Netflix, I decided to go re-read the comics. I have no idea how to count a run of comics. There are 75 of them, but y’know, comics. Not a ton of reading happening. It was fun to revisit them, but I had completely forgotten how butt-ugly the art was for a lot of them, particularly the first couple dozen or so. Ug.

I also chewed through the most recent October Daye novel. It was fun, light reading.

  1. Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children Book 1), Seanan McGuire
  2. Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children Book 2), Seanan McGuire
  3. Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children Book 3), Seanan McGuire
  4. In an Absent Dream (Wayward Children Book 4), Seanan McGuire
  5. The Law, Jim Butcher
  6. The Orville: Sympathy for the Devil, Seth MacFarlane
  7. The Sandman, 1-75, Neil Gaiman (comic books)
  8. Be the Serpent (October Daye), Seanan McGuire
Reading & Books

Books I Read in June 2022

Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad mysteries were pretty good, the first one, In the Woods, in particular. I don’t know if she did it on purpose, but that first book was just a complete and total subversion of most series mystery tropes, and was vastly entertaining. I kept thinking This has got to be on purpose, but as I read the rest of the series, I started thinking it had been a bit of an accident. Still, it was a good read.

The rest were pretty decent, too. Wasn’t super impressed with The Likeness or The Secret Place as much. The plot of The Likeness was just way too farfetched for me to really get into. Interesting to read for the character work, but not so great as a mystery, I guess. And The Secret Place was fun, but it strayed a little bit into supernatural stuff, presented in such a way as maybe it was just the kids’ imaginations? Anyway, it got a little bit silly.

Overall, though, it’s a pretty good series. I’ll be keeping an eye out to see if she writes any more of them.

  1. In The Woods, Tana French
  2. The Likeness, Tana French
  3. Faithful Place, Tana French
  4. Broken Harbor, Tana French
  5. The Secret Place, Tana French
  6. The Trespasser, Tana French