Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD, Season 6

We finally caught the Agents of SHIELD finale last night.

A few quick notes on Agents of SHIELD S6:

  • Wasn’t super in love with the Sarge/Izel storyline. I thought Clark Gregg did an amazing job playing Sarge, but, let’s face it, it’s just not the same without Phil Coulson. And Izel just wasn’t that intimidating of a villain. I’m kind of going to miss the rest of Sarge’s crew, though. I liked Jaco and Snowflake.
  • I did enjoy the “side quests” with the Chronicoms and FitzSimmons. I’m looking forward to season 7 and seeing how all that plays out.
  • I wish they’d found something more interesting to do with Deke. I like the actor, and I get what they’re aiming for with the character, I just feel like they spent too much time making fun of him and not enough time building up the conflicts and issues his character was dealing with.

A few quick notes on the S6 finale of Agents of SHIELD:

  • Good: Shout outs to Ghostrider!
  • Re: Deke: I liked that he came up with a solve for Izel’s body-hopping, but that led directly into the discovery that Deke had his “company” in an empty room in the Lighthouse and… shouldn’t SHIELD have noticed that? I feel like they should have. Also, Fitz crapped on Deke stealing tech for his company and I liked what all that led to in terms of character dev and whatnot, but Deke still came up with the solve for Izel’s body-hopping, and he still had the mini-jump drive prototype to get to the temple with the tech? Like, okay, points off for swiping the tech in the first place, but he was still the dude who helped get it miniaturized and came up with protection against Izel and had all that manufactured and ready to go on time.
  • Also: Um… what happened to Deke? Like, last we saw him he was holding off Shrike zombies in the temple and then the temple got blown up. Did Deke get out? I don’t remember seeing him escape the temple. Did Deke die and nobody gave a shit? That seems rude.
  • Nothing Good Ever Comes Out of an Alien Portal: Even if you’re the aliens. They pitched May through an alien portal with a Shrike-killing sword and somehow thought they were still going to succeed in their evil plan. These villains were too dumb to be scared of.
  • Excellent: LMD Coulson! This should be fun.
  • This finale seemed, overall, kind of shaky. There was a lot of tedious sitting around in the temple listening to Izel sing and waiting for May to finish kicking everyone’s ass. A lot of the plot points seemed random and arbitrary. Like, getting Flint back. Or the Shrike zombies. I mean, cool and all, but it kind of seemed like they pulled some of these plot points right out of hat. Also, wasn’t in love with the way everyone died and then… they didn’t. May’s dead – nah, we’ll fix her. Coulson’s dead – wait, LMD. Yo-yo’s dead – nope, it’s fine, the Shrikebird melted. Awesome, I like all those characters and wanted to keep them, it just kind of seemed like there were no consequences for all that drama.

Over all S6 was fun, but not as well plotted as other seasons. I suspect that’s because the writers went into it thinking S6 was their final season, and then they got a 7th season and had to scramble to rework some stuff.

I’m looking forward to S7 because I want to see how all this Chronicom stuff and LMD-Coulson works out, but considering all the continuity problems Agents of SHIELD is facing and how the stakes have risen exponentially every season and yet SHIELD still seems to be a barely-funded organization staffed by like ten people plus the main cast and similar issues, I’m glad S7 will be the final season. It was fun while it lasted, but I think the show’s about run its course.

🏆 Line of the Night Award
Deke: “I survived an apocalyptic hellscape, so what do I have to do to get a little respect around here?!”


We finally saw ‘Shazam!’ last night & it was pretty good.

DC’s superhero movies have been mostly disappointing, so I finally swore off seeing them in the theater until they prove they can make one worth paying the $30+ for theater tickets. We haven’t been to the theater for a DC movie since Wonder Woman.

We got around to seeing the Justice League movie, whatever that was called, several months back, and that was… well, it was arguably a movie. We saw Aquaman a couple months ago and it was pretty, and funny in a few places, but overall it was, y’know, meh. I’m glad I didn’t pay theater prices to see it.

Shazam!, though. Shazam! was actually decent.

Shazam! seems to be aimed at the tween/young teen crowd. It has a coherent, meaningful plot (some of the emotional beats don’t completely land, but it mostly works). The actors were clearly having a great time. It’s funny (there were a couple of places that were laugh-out-loud funny), hopeful, and heartening. I’d give the movie a solid B+.

The first half of the movie is structured a bit weird and spends a lot of time with the villain, which on one hand is great because it makes the villain an actual character with motivations that resonate, but on the other hand I think it sucked some time out of Billy Batson’s story which is why some of the emotional beats for his character don’t exactly land as hard as they could. Sort of made it feel like the movie was spending a bit too much time being goofy and funny, and not enough time being heartfelt.

Overall though, fun movie. I loved the ending. The climactic twist got spoiled for me (Thanks, Tumblr, you asshole, you couldn’t have waited three more days to start posting Shazam! gifs, could you) and I was pretty annoyed about that because it would have been awesome to see that with no warning, but that wasn’t Shazam!‘s fault and besides that it was a hoot.

I do have one quick thing I want to point out that definitely needs a spoiler warning, though, so SPOILER WARNING. The next section has a SPOILER. Continue reading

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

I’m back from a nice, long vacation where I spent almost no time reading the news, checking social media, or fretting about, y’know… *waves vaguely at all this*

I spent most of my time watching Veronica Mars and Queer Eye (new seasons of both coming out next month!), playing Minecraft and Zoo Tycoon, and, at the end of the week, wandering all over town playing the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite phone AR game. I also hung some new curtains in our apartment. I got about halfway through that project when it occurred to me that in order to hang the new curtains, I’d had to remove the old sliding curtains installed by building management, and then I wondered if I should have asked the managers first, but by then it was far too late. So hopefully that goes unnoticed. Oops.

So, a few things I noticed while on vacation…

1. Our new next door neighbors love to grill, and the smoke – and smell – from their grill carries directly into our apartment. I’d just like to say that if they’re going to be over there grilling all summer and sending delicious smells into our apartment, they ought to be required by law to share with us.

2. On a similar note, this morning when I went to take our dog outside, one of the neighbors was cooking bacon for breakfast. I know this because the entire parking lot smelled pungently of bacon. If folks are going to be filling the whole area up with the smell of bacon at 7am, then they should have to share with me and the dog when we walk by. It’s only polite.

3. Sunday we were out and about playing Wizards Unite, and we’d stopped on a quiet sidewalk to fight a few things in the game. My BF was off the sidewalk, and I was nearly off the sidewalk, and while we were playing, a couple of dried-up old farts out for a Sunday afternoon walk approached us. As soon as I spotted them from the corner of my eye I jumped off the sidewalk so they could pass, saying, “Oh, sorry,” and the old bag in the couple said, quite snidely, “They’re just standing there staring at their phones,” all sanctimonious and whatnot. Fuck us for being outside on a nice day doing something fun, I guess. 🙄

Speaking of stuff I missed while on vacation…

1. E. Jean Carroll, noted advice columnist and TV show host among other things, accused Donald Trump of raping her 23 years ago. The media mostly ignored this because I guess we’re just used to the idea of a rapist president now and it doesn’t get them any advertising clicks anymore.

2. Iran shot down one of our drones, claiming it was in their airspace. We claim it was in international airspace. Trump almost started a war with Iran over it but backed down at the last second.

3. Hey, remember how we were super pissed about the kids on the border being taken away from their families and everyone was basically being detained in dog kennels so we raised a bunch of hell? Guess what? It’s all still happening, only ten times worse than before. Reminder: Most of these migrants came here legally to seek asylum. Still super pissed about that? Call your electeds and donate to RAICES.

Frozen 2

Tulsi Gabbard, border wall, Frozen 2, Tremors, more.

My entire Twitter timeline is full of Tifa art because apparently that Final Fantasy VII remake is actually gonna be a thing, and like, the Tifa art is fine, but where are all the Sephiroths?

Things to Read

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I think at this point it’s safe for all news outlets to just go ahead and start calling Trump’s lies lies. Softening it up with language like “misleading statements” or “falsehoods” or whatnot isn’t helping anyone.

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