Based on this morning’s press conference with Trump’s doctors…

… what we know of COVID-19, and the observations of the handful of doctors and epidemiologists I follow on Twitter, it’s seeming like there’s a possibility that Trump’s in his SECOND week of sickness with COVID-19, not his first. If that’s the case, then there’s a pretty good chance that he might have been the source of the superspreader event at Barrett’s nomination party last Saturday, not a victim of it.

🔗 CNN: President Trump spooked by coronavirus diagnosis, source says

If Trump was showing symptoms last night, that means he was probably infectious all of Wednesday and Thursday, and possibly some of Tuesday, too.

Through that time he was running around maskless to various functions, events, a rally, a campaign fundraiser, all around the White House… Hope Hicks was showing symptoms on Wednesday, so move the infectious zone back another day to Monday, at least.

Cleveland’s reporting that 11 of the people that helped do debate prep have COVID-19 now.

Not to mention the handful who’ve turned up sick from the little celebration the White House threw when Trump nominated Barrett last Saturday.

Never mind that his garbage pandemic policies have killed over 200,000 Americans. Dude might have personally killed a few, now.

🔗 CNN: President Trump spooked by coronavirus diagnosis, source says

Re: 2020 VP Debates

Do the VP debate on Zoom, solve all these issues. We don’t need an audience in the room for a debate. This isn’t a TV rating event, it’s a substantive discussion about the policies & direction of our country.