‘President Trump walked out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday evening…’

🔗 NPR: Trump Leaves Walter Reed 3 Days After Admission For COVID-19 Treatment

Do Trump’s doctors know he’s leaving tonight?

Also, “Don’t be afraid of Covid“? Get fucked. 200,000+ Americans are dead of COVID-19 thanks to Trump’s policies, & it remains to be seen how many of his own staff he’s just killed with his bullshit.

Based on this morning’s press conference with Trump’s doctors…

… what we know of COVID-19, and the observations of the handful of doctors and epidemiologists I follow on Twitter, it’s seeming like there’s a possibility that Trump’s in his SECOND week of sickness with COVID-19, not his first. If that’s the case, then there’s a pretty good chance that he might have been the source of the superspreader event at Barrett’s nomination party last Saturday, not a victim of it.