Trump acquitted. Again.

I mean, of course he was, but goddammit.

Not a surprise, still a disappointment.

🔗 NBC News: Trump acquitted in impeachment trial; 7 GOP Senators vote with Democrats to convict

Seven Republicans voted to convict Trump for allegedly inciting the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, when a mob of pro-Trump supporters tried to disrupt the electoral vote count formalizing Joe Biden’s election win before a joint session of Congress. That is by far the most bipartisan support for conviction in impeachment history. The final vote was 57 to 43, 10 short of the 67 votes needed to secure a conviction.

Reed Richards in a Marvel Fantastic Four

Who should play him?

People are talking about who should play Reed Richards for Marvel and there are a lot of great suggestions being floated, including John Krasinski, William Jackson Harper, and Rahul Kohli, but I think the best one I’ve seen so far is Danny Pudi.

See, the thing about Reed Richards is that he always comes off as a good dude until he’s busy and forgets to put his happy face on, and then you realize he’s an arrogant dick and possibly also a monster, so whoever you get to play him has to be able to flex that muscle.

I think Krasinski could do that. I think Kohli could, too? I’m not as familiar with Harper’s work, only saw him on The Good Place, and Chidi never really had to have that vibe. I know for sure Danny Pudi could do it, though. Really well.

Apples & Oranges

Senator Roy Blunt tries to conflate the summer 2020 BLM protests and the Capitol insurrection.

Well, let’s see. The summer protests were mostly-peaceful civil rights marches and protests, and the Capitol siege was an attempted coup by armed and violent extremists, so I can see how you’d think they were the same thing. 🙄