Fox News & Comedy

Didn’t Fox News already try and fail miserably at the news comedy thing? They had the Half Hour News Hour, which bombed spectacularly. Didn’t they also try to make a thing of Dennis Miller for awhile?

🔗 Daily Beast: Actual Comedians Roast Greg Gutfeld’s New Fox News ‘Comedy’ Show

The morning after Fox News premiered its deeply unfunny foray into the late-night comedy space, comedian Ron Funches summed up the general reaction by tweeting: “Gutfield gonna get renewed off of comedians hate watching alone.”

Satyrs in a kids’ movie?

Is Momoa meant to be a satyr here, and if so, did anyone read anything about satyrs before they paired one with a child on a magical adventure? Because, um.

I guess he might be more of a faun, which is slightly better? I mean, fauns aren’t quite so clearly associated with debauched orgies as satyrs are.

Jamie Kennedy’s interview

This entire interview is this comedian saying, basically, “Oh, yeah, I was pretty sure something was up but I didn’t care enough to pay attention or learn what was going on. Whoops, I guess?”

🔗 Daily Beast: Comedian Jamie Kennedy on How He Ended Up in an Anti-Abortion Propaganda Film

He adds, “I’m not some crazy right-winger, but I’m also not some crazy left-winger. I’m a guy who needs to be educated some more about politics. I’m not some guy in Hollywood who acts like they’re an expert about politics, and you can print that. I’m sick of that.”

Good vaccine news!

CDC data suggests that people who are fully transmitted probably don’t carry or transmit the COVID-19 virus. It’s not absolutely sure yet, but it’s lookin’ good.

🔗 New York Magazine: CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread Virus

After warning for months that vaccinated people should still be cautious in order to not infect others, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests they may not be at much risk of transmitting the coronavirus.