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Hurricane Dorian

Robert Mugabe, Netflix, Facebook & Google, Dorian & Trump, & Climate Change

Yay, it’s Friday! 🎉🍻

Robert Mugabe died, Netflix has what sounds alike a really cool docudrama coming out, Facebook and Google are facing antitrust investigations, Trump’s still on his BS about Dorian hitting Alabama, and a look at the arguments for and against nuclear power to fight climate change.

NPR: Robert Mugabe, Veteran President Of Zimbabwe, Dead At 95 – Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, died. He became president after Zimbabwe won independence from Britain, started out as a model leader, and then descended into dictatorship.

ProPublica: Netflix Series Based on Our Work Explores Costs of Not Believing Rape Victims – Back in 2015, ProPublica, along with the Marshall Project and This American Life, reported and wrote “An Unbelievable Story of Rape,” one of the best pieces of journalism I’ve ever read. Netflix will be debuting an eight-part docudrama based on the story and the issues it covers.

AP: As feds loom, states hit Facebook, Google with new probes – More antitrust investigations for Facebook and Google.

Washington Post: Trump suggests media should apologize to him for his erroneous Alabama claim – Yup, we’re still on Trump’s idiot Alabama thing. He refuses to give it up. I see a lot of stuff about “this is a distraction” and “what aren’t we talking about while he does this,” as usual, and it’s like, No, y’all don’t get it. This might serve as a distraction, sure. But he’s doing it because he cannot physically accept that he made a mistake. This is a symptom of his broken mind.

Vox: A beginner’s guide to the debate over nuclear power and climate change – Great read here, touching on the highlights of the arguments for and against nuclear power as it relates to climate change.

Carl Douglas, Kung Fu Fighting

‘Kung Fu Fighting,’ Carl Douglas

Kung Fu Fighting is a disco song by Jamaican vocalist Carl Douglas, with production by British-Indian musician Biddu. It was released as a single in 1974 on the cusp of a chopsocky film craze and rose to the top of the British, Australian, Canadian, and American charts, in addition to reaching the top of the Soul Singles chart. It received a Gold certification from the RIAA in 1974 and popularized disco music. It eventually went on to sell eleven million records worldwide, making it one of the best-selling singles of all time. The song uses the quintessential Oriental riff, a short musical phrase that is used to signify Chinese culture.” (Wikipedia)

Hurricane Dorian

Dorian, Trump, & ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’

A few quick hits now that I’m back from my long weekend…

NPR: Amateurs Identify U.S. Spy Satellite Behind President Trump’s Tweet – In case you missed it, Trump tweeted out a classified photo of the remains of an accident at the Imam Khomeini Space Center in Iran. He’s president, so technically he’s allowed to do that, but doing that gave away some fairly important details about our spy capabilities.

New York Times: Faced With Criticism, Trump Administration Reverses Abrupt End to Humanitarian Relief – The Trump administration announced it was going to start deporting immigrants who are here for medical reasons. The outcry was so profound, they’ve been forced to back down on the policy… for now.

CNN: Trump went golfing as Hurricane Dorian threatens US – Dorian, a massive category 5 hurricane, is barrelling down on the US. Trump canceled a trip to Poland and stayed home to golf. This looked so bad, the Trump administration had to announce Trump was getting hourly updates on the hurricane… while he’s out on the golf course.

AP: Dorian triggers massive flooding in Bahamas; at least 5 dead – Speaking of Dorian, it hit the Bahamas and just royally fucked things all up. Here’s some more about that from Reuters. I think Dorian’s due to hit Florida and roll over the States sometime Wednesday.

io9: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Is the Groundbreaking Fantasy Epic We’ve Been Waiting For – Just to wrap things up on a somewhat lighter note, we binged The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance over the weekend and it is amazing. Outstanding. Brilliant. I adore every second of it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.

(Featured image credit: Hurricane Dorian East of the Bahamas and Florida, USA – August 30th, 2019. Aqua MODIS data through NASA Worldview, processed by Pierre Markuse. Source.)

Climate Change

Rich people are building climate change doomsday bunkers for themselves.

I made a comment on Facebook the other day that billionaires are building climate change doomsday bunkers for themselves, and I’m just gonna drop a bunch of receipts here for y’all.

If those of you blue collar folks who are building these things for rich turds could kindly do me the favor of sabotaging them, I’d really appreciate it. It’s a happy little thought that will comfort me while I’m baking to death during the climate apocalypse.


NPR: Dow Tumbles 800 Points As Bond Markets Signal Recession

An even bigger worry: The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note fell below 2-year Treasuries for the first time since 2007. In other words, you would get a higher interest rate for government debt that matures in two years than in 10 years.

Such an inversion in yields has a strong track record of predicting a recession, especially the longer it continues. Each of the last seven recessions, dating back to 1969, were preceded by the 10-year falling below the 2-year.

This is not good, y’all.

FDA: 16 Dog Food Brands with an increased risk of canine heart disease

FDA: 16 Dog Food Brands with an increased risk of canine heart disease

Via “The Food and Drug Administration has named 16 dog food brands with an increased risk of a type of canine heart disease known as dilated cardiomyopathy… or DCM.

Bullet Points

  • The FDA has received reports of DCM in a wide range of breeds, including many not genetically prone to the disease.
  • FDA researchers have observed that most of these DCM cases were associated with animals eating dry dog foods. Dogs eating raw, semi-moist, and wet diets were also affected.
  • Researchers found that over 90 percent of the reported recipes were grain-free. (Yet some dogs consumed diets that contained grain, too.)
  • Most of these animals ate diets that appeared to contain high concentrations of peas, chickpeas, lentils… or various types of potatoes.

Via the FDA: FDA Investigating Potential Connection Between Diet and Cases of Canine Heart Disease

Diets in cases reported to the FDA frequently list potatoes or multiple legumes such as peas, lentils, other “pulses” (seeds of legumes), and their protein, starch and fiber derivatives early in the ingredient list, indicating that they are main ingredients. Early reports from the veterinary cardiology community indicate that the dogs consistently ate these foods as their primary source of nutrition for time periods ranging from months to years. High levels of legumes or potatoes appear to be more common in diets labeled as “grain-free,” but it is not yet known how these ingredients are linked to cases of DCM.

The 16 Dog Food Brands the FDA is Warning About

  • Acana
  • Zignature
  • Taste of the Wild
  • 4Health
  • Earthborn Holistic
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Nature’s Domain
  • Fromm
  • Merrick
  • California Natural
  • Natural Balance
  • Orijen
  • Nature’s Variety
  • Nutrisource
  • Nutro
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish

A note from the FDA:

To put this issue into proper context, the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that there are 77 million pet dogs in the United States.

As of April 30, 2019, the FDA has received reports about 560 dogs diagnosed with DCM suspected to be linked to diet. Tens of millions of dogs have been eating dog food without developing DCM.

For more information:

(Image Credit: Pexels.)