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Friday Notes (10/7/22)

Here’s this week’s handful of thoughts, notes, and links that I didn’t get around to posting yet.

💭 Hey, guess what I just found out the hard way on Wednesday? Google doesn’t ship a charger with their Pixels. What kind of rancid horseshit is that? Since when do you not send somebody a charger for the thing they bought that needs charged?

💭 Commenting on this gossipy little article, “Germaphobe Howard Stern leaves ‘bunker’ to dine with pals for first time since 2020,” Helaine Olen, WaPo opinion writer, says, “At some point we’re going to need to begin a conversation about the people still too afraid to leave their homes because of Covid. I personally know of two such cases. This is not a healthy way to live.” To which I say, “Hey y’know what else isn’t a healthy way to live? Watching all y’all door-knob-licking walnuts banzai your way through a deadly fuckin’ plague with all your faceholes hanging out in the open cause you’re all too fuckin’ special to wear a goddamn mask.” 😠

🔗 Here’s a pile of links I saved up this week, mostly dealing with the incoming recession, Trump’s bullshit, and COVID.

Link Roundups & LinkDumps

In case you missed it…

Couple of quick things:

Dr. Oz is a dog murderer. (👈 Be warned. That article is fucking unpleasant to read.) Dude oversaw and approved the murder and torture of like 300+ dogs, including puppies. And a whole bunch of other animals, too. I mean, Oz is a horrible human being for a wide variety of reasons, but this shit ranks right up near the top of the list.

Herschel Walker is even bigger hot trash than you thought. Along with abusing and assaulting his wives, girlfriends, and kids – please note the plurals, there, as in, he didn’t do it once, it’s a regular feature – he’s also a massive hypocrite who paid a girlfriend to get an abortion. Reminder that he’s running as an anti-abortion conservative.

And finally, I guess Elon Musk thinks he’s gonna buy Twitter again? But only if they close the lawsuit against him for trying to back out of it in the first place? Who knows. That dude is squirrellier than an oak tree.

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Friday Notes: Trump, COVID-19, Monkeypox, & Polio

One thing we learned today is that Trump is being investigated for possible obstruction of justice and violations of the Espionage Act. Fun!

Trump and his various minions are shoveling shit just as fast as they can. The current bullshit is that the FBI planted all that evidence, that Trump had declassified it all anyway, and that Obama stole 33 million classified documents. Which, in order: No they didn’t; he can’t because he’s not allowed to declassify nuclear secrets; and what? Like, that would be several tons of papers that Obama apparently sneaked out the door with, so that seems pretty goddamned unlikely.

Quick reminder to go sign up at, because that’s looking more and more likely. I mean, I hate to get my hopes up, but… 🤞

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5 Things: Climate change, democracy, Beto O’Rourke, & Trump

Hey, if you’re having a little trouble keeping up with all the investigations into Trump (because there are quite a few), NPR has a roundup of the active ones.

  1. NPR: The Arctic is heating up nearly four times faster than the whole planet, study finds – Oh, good. I was starting to get worried that the world wasn’t ending fast enough.
  2. Washington Post: Historians privately warn Biden that America’s democracy is teetering – Yes. Yes it is. Also, I love how this article describes the meeting as “a diversion” at one point. Just a little aside. A light amusement. Only the death of American democracy, nothing to worry about.
  3. The Hill: Beto O’Rourke snaps at heckler over Uvalde shooting: ‘It may be funny to you mother f—er’ – O’Rourke was talking about the Uvaldi shooting and someone in the crowd laughed. On one hand, this kind of bombastic behavior pissed me off when Trump did it, so I have a hard time getting completely on board with it. On the other hand, I can’t entirely disapprove of a dude who’s willing to call a motherfucker a motherfucker right in front of god and everybody, and laughing at dead kids pretty much makes you a motherfucker.
  4. CNN: Feds removed documents from Mar-a-Lago in June with grand jury subpoena – How many boxes of classified documents did this asshole sneak out of the White House? Jesus. Didn’t the White House staff have to stop him from trying to steal some artwork or something when he left, too? Have they counted the silverware since Trump left?
  5. Rolling Stone: With Feds Circling, Trump Asks Allies: Who’s ‘Wearing a Wire’? – I’ll just be over here basking in the warm glow thrown off by the idea of a terrified Trump in a panicked, paranoid frenzy.
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5 Things: Trump, abortion rights, & burn pits

Busy day ahead. Here’s some quick links.

  1. CNN: Appeals court says House can obtain Trump’s taxes from the IRS – “A federal appeals court on Tuesday signed off on a House Ways and Means Committee request to obtain former President Donald Trump’s tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service.”
  2. USA Today: Most Americans want chance to support abortion rights on state ballot, USA TODAY/Ipsos poll finds – “Americans overwhelmingly would like to be able to vote on an abortion measure on their state ballot, an exclusive USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds. And if they had the chance, they would oppose efforts to ban the procedure by almost 2-1.”
  3. NPR: Trump says he refused to answer any questions under oath in today’s New York testimony – “Donald Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment and wouldn’t answer questions under oath in the New York attorney general’s long-running civil investigation into his business dealings, the former president said in a statement Wednesday.”
  4. Washington Post: Mar-a-Lago search appears focused on whether Trump, aides withheld items – “People familiar with the investigation said that Justice Department and FBI officials traveled to Mar-a-Lago this spring, a meeting first reported by CNN. The officials spoke to Trump’s representatives, inspected the storage space where documents were held, and expressed concern that the former president or people close to him still had items that should be in government custody, these people said.”
  5. NBC News: Biden signs bill to expand benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits – “President Joe Biden signed legislation on Wednesday expanding health care benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.”