Books I Read in April 2022

“Cabal slapped him hard. Perhaps harder than necessary, but he felt he deserved a little recreation.” – The Fear Institute

April was a busy month, so I didn’t get to read much. I did start re-reading the Johannes Cabal series by Jonathan L. Howard. This is a great series, tons of fun, and right up next to the Dresden Files as far as favorite books goes.

  1. Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, Jonathan L. Howard
  2. Johannes Cabal the Detective, Jonathan L. Howard
  3. The Fear Institute, Jonathan L. Howard

Books I Read in March 2022

In March I re-read the Dresden Files, which are among my favorite books.

The Dresden Files are among some of my favorite books. Action, humor, heart, high stakes, plus there’s an awesome dog.

I think I’m going to tackle the Johannes Cabal books next month. There are only five of those, so I might follow up with Carter & Lovecraft, and then maybe polish off the Expanse series.

  1. Storm Front, Jim Butcher
  2. Fool Moon, Jim Butcher
  3. Grave Peril, Jim Butcher
  4. Summer Knight, Jim Butcher
  5. Death Masks, Jim Butcher
  6. Blood Rites, Jim Butcher
  7. Dead Beat, Jim Butcher
  8. Proven Guilty, Jim Butcher
  9. White Knight, Jim Butcher
  10. Small Favor, Jim Butcher
  11. Turn Coat, Jim Butcher
  12. Changes, Jim Butcher
  13. Ghost Story, Jim Butcher
  14. Cold Days, Jim Butcher
  15. Skin Game, Jim Butcher
  16. Peace Talks, Jim Butcher
  17. Battle Ground, Jim Butcher
  18. Side Jobs, Jim Butcher
  19. Brief Cases, Jim Butcher

Books I Read in January 2022

I read 28 books in January, and they were all series mysteries by Ellis Peters.

I started in on the Brother Cadfael mysteries on a friend’s recommendation. I’d really enjoyed the Dame Frevisse mysteries last year, particularly for the history, so my friend said I should try out the Cadfael mysteries.

They have a bit in common – the Dame Frevisse mysteries feature a Benedictine nun living in an English convent in the late 1300s to early 1400s as the sleuth. The Brother Cadfael mysteries feature a Benedictine monk living in an English monastery in the mid-1100s as the sleuth. Both authors are big into historical accuracy.

The Cadfael mysteries were more… genteel, almost? Kind of placid, you sort of float through them. They’re good – I chewed right through them and quite enjoyed them, but Ellis Peters is a much more florid writer than Margaret Frazer, which makes her prose more distant. Takes a lot of the punch out of what’s going on, plotwise, to a modern reader. Frazer’s Frevisse mysteries were, well, I hesitate to say “grittier,” but yeah, sort of? Her prose was more brisk and active, which made it a lot easier to dig in and get invested in the story.

At any rate, I enjoyed the brother Cadfael mysteries, and apparently I’m not the only one. It seems like they’re pretty popular. Popular enough they got a BBC TV show back in the 80s. I watched half an episode a couple of weekends ago and it seemed like it might have been decent enough for a BBC mystery from the 80s? I didn’t care for it but somebody must’ve – it ran for a decent handful of seasons.

I saw that Ellis Peters had a second mystery series and I’d enjoyed the Cafael books enough to check out the “George Felse Mysteries,” but I had to give that series up. It wasn’t very good. Dry, dull, flowery, and couldn’t settle on a tone. Different books feature different members of the Felse family solving whatever conundrum’s popped up, so sometimes the book is a police procedural (which were decent) and sometimes it’s a boy’s spy adventure (which were not) and the last one I read was a woman’s overheated mid-life crisis (and that’s where I checked out).

I will note that the first Felse mystery, Fallen Into the Pit, was actually not bad, despite prose so densely florid that it was nearly unreadable in places. It happened in a smallish English village just after WWII and had a lot of suddenly-relevant-again things to say about Nazis.

  1. A Morbid Taste for Bones, Ellis Peters
  2. One Corpse Too Many, Ellis Peters
  3. Monk’s Hood, Ellis Peters
  4. Saint Peter’s Fair, Ellis Peters
  5. The Leper of Saint Giles, Ellis Peters
  6. The Virgin in the Ice, Ellis Peters
  7. The Sanctuary Sparrow, Ellis Peters
  8. The Devil’s Novice, Ellis Peters
  9. Dead Man’s Ransom, Ellis Peters
  10. The Pilgrim of Hate, Ellis Peters
  11. An Excellent Mystery, Ellis Peters
  12. The Raven in the Foregate, Ellis Peters
  13. The Rose Rent, Ellis Peters
  14. The Leper of Saint Giles, Ellis Peters
  15. The Confession of Brother Haluin, Ellis Peters
  16. The Heretic’s Apprentice, Ellis Peters
  17. The Potter’s Field, Ellis Peters
  18. The Summer of the Danes, Ellis Peters
  19. The Holy Thief, Ellis Peters
  20. Brother Cadfael’s Penance, Ellis Peters
  21. A Rare Benedictine: The Advent of Brother Cadfael, Ellis Peters
  22. Fallen Into The Pit, Ellis Peters
  23. Death and the Joyful Woman, Ellis Peters
  24. Flight of a Witch, Ellis Peters
  25. A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs, Ellis Peters
  26. The Piper on the Mountain, Ellis Peters
  27. Black Is the Colour of My True Love’s Heart, Ellis Peters
  28. The Grass Widow’s Tale, Ellis Peters

Books I Read in 2021

I read 106 books this year. There were a handful of re-reads, but the majority were books I hadn’t read before.

Not too shabby! I read 106 books this year, and the majority of them were books I hadn’t read before. There’s a handful of re-reads in there – Terry Pratchett, Mercedes Lackey, a couple of others, but most of these I hadn’t read before. I bolded the ones that stand out to me as particularly good ones.

Also, since I was breaking these down by month, but just rolled December’s reads into the year-end list, I read The Trellisane Confrontation, Balance of Power, Hogfather, and Leviathan Wakes in December.

  1. STtNG: Masks, John Vornholt
  2. Rosemary and Rue, Seanan McGuire
  3. A Local Habitation, Seanan McGuire
  4. An Artificial Night, Seanan McGuire
  5. Late Eclipses, Seanan McGuire
  6. One Salt Sea, Seanan McGuire
  7. Ashes of Honor, Seanan McGuire
  8. Chimes at Midnight, Seanan McGuire
  9. The Winter Long, Seanan McGuire
  10. A Red-Rose Chain, Seanan McGuire
  11. Once Broken Faith, Seanan McGuire
  12. The Brightest Fell, Seanan McGuire
  13. Night and Silence, Seanan McGuire
  14. The Unkindest Tide, Seanan McGuire
  15. A Killing Frost, Seanan McGuire
  16. STtOS: Crisis on Centaurus, Brad Ferguson
  17. STtOS: The Wounded Sky, Diane Duane
  18. ST: The Kobayashi Maru, Julia Ecklar
  19. STTNG: Q-In-Law, Peter David
  20. STTNG: The Children of Hamlin, Carmen Carter
  21. STTNG: Gulliver’s Fugitives, Keith Sharee
  22. STTNG: Exiles, Howard Weinstein
  23. STTNG: The Eyes of the Beholders, A.C. Crispin
  24. STTNG: Contamination, John Vornholt
  25. STTNG: Fortune’s Light, Michael Jan Friedman
  26. STTNG: Perchance to Dream, Howard Weinstein
  27. STTNG: Nightshade, Laurell K. Hamilton
  28. STTNG: The Romulan Prize, Simon Hawke
  29. The Servant’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  30. The Novice’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  31. The Bishop’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  32. The Outlaw’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  33. The Murderer’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  34. The Boy’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  35. The Maiden’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  36. The Prioress’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  37. The Reeve’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  38. The Clerk’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  39. The Squire’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  40. The Bastard’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  41. The Hunter’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  42. The Widow’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  43. The Sempster’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  44. The Traitor’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  45. The Apostate’s Tale, Margaret Frazier
  46. The Moscow Rules, Antonio J. Mendez & Jonna Mendez
  47. STtOS: The Captain’s Honor, David & Daniel Dvorkin
  48. STtOS: Here There Be Dragons, John Peel
  49. STtOS: Strike Zone, Peter David
  50. STtOS: The Entropy Effect, Vonda N. McIntyre
  51. Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Gene Roddenberry
  52. STtOS: Web of the Romulans, M.S. Murdock
  53. STtOS: Metamorphosis, Jean Lorrah
  54. The Anthropocene Reviewed, John Green
  55. The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health Through Facts and Feminism, Dr. Jen Gunter
  56. Spy, Spy Again, Mercedes Lackey
  57. Foundation, Mercedes Lackey
  58. Intrigues, Mercedes Lackey
  59. Changes, Mercedes Lackey
  60. Redoubt, Mercedes Lackey
  61. Bastion, Mercedes Lackey
  62. Closer to Home, Mercedes Lackey
  63. Closer to the Heart, Mercedes Lackey
  64. Closer to the Chest, Mercedes Lackey
  65. Arrows of the Queen, Mercedes Lackey
  66. Arrow’s Flight, Mercedes Lackey
  67. Arrows Fall, Mercedes Lackey
  68. Winds of Fate, Mercedes Lackey
  69. Winds of Change, Mercedes Lackey
  70. Winds of Fury, Mercedes Lackey
  71. Storm Warning, Mercedes Lackey
  72. Storm Rising, Mercedes Lackey
  73. Storm Breaking, Mercedes Lackey
  74. Beyond, Mercedes Lackey
  75. Magic’s Pawn, Mercedes Lackey
  76. Magic’s Promise, Mercedes Lackey
  77. Magic’s Price, Mercedes Lackey
  78. Owlflight, Mercedes Lackey
  79. Owlsight, Mercedes Lackey
  80. Owlknight, Mercedes Lackey
  81. Monstrous Regiment, Terry Pratchett
  82. Suburban Dicks, Fabian Nicieza
  83. STtNG: Survivors, Jean Lorrah
  84. STtOS: Prime Directive, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
  85. Going Postal, Terry Pratchett
  86. STtOS: Sarek, A.C. Crispin
  87. When Sorrows Come, Seanan McGuire
  88. Rage, Bob Woodward
  89. Peril, Bob Woodward & Robert Costa
  90. Briarheart, Mercedes Lackey
  91. Star Trek: Memory Prime, Gar & Judith Reeves-Stevens
  92. Star Trek: The Lost Years, J. M. Dillard
  93. Star Trek: Yesterday’s Son, A. C. Crispin
  94. Star Trek: Time For Yesterday, A. C. Crispin
  95. Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Vonda N. McIntyre
  96. Star Trek: The Search for Spock, Vonda N. McIntyre
  97. Star Trek: The Voyage Home, Vonda N. McIntyre
  98. Star Trek: The Final Frontier, J. M. Dillard
  99. Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, J. M. Dillard
  100. Bioshock: Rapture, John Shirley
  101. STDS9: Trials and Tribble-ations, Diane Carey
  102. STTNG: Immortal Coil, Jeffrey Lang
  103. ST: The Trellisane Confrontation, David Dvorkin
  104. STTNG: Balance of Power, Dafydd ab Hugh
  105. Hogfather, Terry Pratchett
  106. Leviathan Wakes, James S. A. Corey