Roundup (4/19/21)

It seems like Blue Check Twitter was taking turns whining about wearing masks outside all weekend. 🙄 “WhY aRe VaCcInAtEd PeOpLe WeArInG mAsKs OuTsIdE?” they complain, and then go on to pontificate about the incredibly low odds of catching COVID-19 while wandering around outside.

I dunno, maybe because over half a million people have died in the US and we’re all still feeling a little twitchy about it? Maybe because we don’t know shit yet and better safe than sorry? Maybe because not everyone is vaxxed yet? Maybe because not everyone can be vaxxed and they should get to be/feel safe too? Maybe because even mild or asymptomatic COVID can still cause lasting harm and we don’t want to deal with that?

And like, yeah, it’s fairly safe to be outside without a mask for most people, especially if you’ve been vaccinated. I don’t wear a mask outside unless I’m going to be an area where there’ll be other people around and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay away from them. Like, walking my dog around the neighborhood where I can step off the sidewalk or cross the street if I see people? No mask. In town where there’ll be folks wandering around everywhere? Mask.

But we have a population that’s still, a year later, failing to understand that the mask needs to cover your mouth and your nose. Maybe don’t complicate things for people? Just a thought. Wear a mask.

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News Roundup (4/14/21)

I got my first shot of Moderna a week ago today. I had a sore arm and some swollen lymph nodes for a couple days after the shot, no biggie.

This morning I woke up with a swollen lymph node, again. Just the one. I assume that’s either a slacker lymph node who just noticed she had work she was supposed to be doing, or an overachiever lymph node who’s still firing out antibodies like some kind of Type-A middle manager or something.

Or maybe she just got back from vacation and was all like “What the hell happened while I was gone, guys? Jesus,” and had to scramble to catch up. We all know that feel.

Anyway, some news I read this morning:

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Re: Inflation

Basically, inflation numbers are going to look wildly out of whack because they’re being compared to numbers that were wildly out of whack, thanks to the pandemic, to begin with.

🔗 Slate: Inflation Is About to Look Freaky

As think tankers at the Roosevelt Institute recently warned: “Starting April 13, and continuing for the next several months, what is in effect an optical illusion is going to seriously distort inflation numbers as they are normally reported, and opponents of more public spending will be quick to pounce.”

Parallel Parking

Nothing but sympathy for this woman trying to parallel park – I refuse to do it. If there’s nothing but parallel parking available, I just drive tf on. Second, watch to the end because OMG, I would scream for an hour.

(I’m serious. I’ve been driving for almost 30 years, and I can count the number of times I’ve parallel parked between two other cars on one hand. I will willingly walk blocks to avoid parallel parking. I know my limits, people.)

Fox News & Comedy

Didn’t Fox News already try and fail miserably at the news comedy thing? They had the Half Hour News Hour, which bombed spectacularly. Didn’t they also try to make a thing of Dennis Miller for awhile?

🔗 Daily Beast: Actual Comedians Roast Greg Gutfeld’s New Fox News ‘Comedy’ Show

The morning after Fox News premiered its deeply unfunny foray into the late-night comedy space, comedian Ron Funches summed up the general reaction by tweeting: “Gutfield gonna get renewed off of comedians hate watching alone.”