Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated

I’m pretty full up on pandemic misery, fires, catastrophic flooding, murder hornets, earthquakes, and other biblical signs of the encroaching End Times, so let’s talk about something else today.

I spent the past weekend and part of this week binging Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, the 2010-2013 Scooby cartoon, and, um. Well. That was a thing I did. Not sure it was a good thing?

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Pandemic Notes: 5/19/20

An impressive swath of Michigan is underwater this morning – much of it in the area where I used to live and where my friends and family mostly still live. I hopped on Facebook late last night to check in and found a slew of wild photos and dire warnings about flooding and dam failures. Yikes. That’ll wake you up in a hurry.

Not just Michigan, either. A bunch of the Midwest is dealing with flooding. Because you know what you need in the middle of a deadly pandemic? Flooding that causes evacuations and whatnot. Man. I have had enough of 2020.

Late-breaking addition to the flooding news – apparently the Edenville Dam failed about an hour ago, which is really super not good news for the area. You can read some more about that here.

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Pandemic Notes: 5/18/20

Today makes 10 weeks I’ve been doing the isolate/work from home/lockdown thing. My tolerance for other people is at an all-time low. And I mean, it wasn’t high to start with, folks. By the time I get back out into the world in anything like a normal way, you’ll catch me stomping down the street screaming at anyone within 20 feet of me to piss off.

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Quarantine Notes: 5/11/20

The US has suffered 80,000 known, confirmed deaths from COVID-19. That’s 80,000 dead in about three and a half months. More, actually, because we’re undercounting and under-reporting COVID-19 deaths all over America.

Despite that absolutely appalling number, MAGA cultists protest over stay home orders. Governors in red states insist on ending stay home orders in an attempt to curry favor with the mad king we elected president.

Notes below. Updates through the day.

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