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The call is coming from inside the house.

Nazis and their ilk are like cockroaches. If you’re not careful, they get into everything. Ask anyone who’s been online for ten minutes: you start a new platform, and the first thing that happens is Nazis weaseling in, trying to use it to recruit, take it over.

I remember twenty-some years ago, I got into playing a dumb little browser-based zombie game, Urban Dead. I don’t even think I managed to play for a whole month before folks in the various associated forums were bitching about Nazis getting into the game, trying to recruit people.

It happens out in the real world, too. You were warned they were infiltrating the police. You were warned they were infiltrating the military. Did you listen? No. You assumed people were being overwrought. Now our institutions are full of fascists/Nazis/alt-righties/white supremacists… whatever you want to call ’em.

They’ve even got into Congress.

Take this shit seriously, people.