Little Notes & Short Posts

Re: Florida

Okay, look, is Florida doing some kind of badly conceived bit? I mean, there’s all the weird crime, “Floridaman,” all the hate legislation – the anti-gay and anti-trans stuff – picking fights with Disney, and now they’re building radioactive roads?

Like, if I tried to write a story and described a place like Florida, the editor would stop me and be like “All these ridiculous hate laws, picking fights with one of their major economic drivers, and also radioactive roads? It’s too much. It’s not realistic. Back to the drawing board, kiddo.”

The law actually mandates studying the use of phosphogypsum as a road aggregate, like gravel or sand, not swinging right into production. Still, I feel like you don’t need a study to answer “Hey, should we use radioactive waste to build our roads?” with a resounding NO.