Little Notes & Short Posts

American Fascism

Hey, here’s a bunch of fascists, including Megyn Kelly and Elon Musk, talking about forcibly institutionalizing people.

This is fascism. It’s blatant. It’s inarguable. This is what led to concentration camps. These turds consider people who disagree with them insane, and they want to round them all up and lock them away in some hellhole somewhere.

Given the chance, they will do this to LGBTQ+ people, the disabled community, the neurodivergent community – anyone they see as too far outside their “norm” and can’t otherwise put to work or make use of. They want women disempowered and trapped in kitchens making babies. They want non-white people enslaved. They want non-Christian people killed.

They are telling you what they are, every day, right out loud and in public. For the love of little puppies with heart-shaped spots, please believe them.