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East Palestine, NPR & Twitter, Tennessee, more

That East Palestine mess just keeps on rolling, doesn’t it? Jesus.

☢️ Truck carrying 40,000 pounds of toxic soil from East Palestine train derailment overturns on highway (NBC News) – “A truck carrying around 40,000 pounds of contaminated soil from the site of a train derailment in Ohio, which saw officials release toxic chemicals into the area to prevent an explosion, overturned on a highway this week, officials said.”

🦤 NPR becomes first major news organization to leave Twitter (The Verge) – “NPR has announced that it will no longer use Twitter to distribute its content after the social media platform began labeling the network as ‘US state-affiliated media,’ putting it in the same category as government mouthpiece publications like RT and China Daily. NPR is the first major news organization to pull from the platform and comes at a time when Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s relationship with the press is at a low point.” (Here’s NPR’s article about it.)

🏛️ Expelled Black lawmaker Pearson to return to Tennessee House (AP News) – “The second of two Black Democrats expelled from the Republican-led Tennessee House will return to the Legislature after a Memphis commission voted to reinstate him Wednesday, nearly a week after his banishment for supporting gun control protesters propelled him into the national spotlight.”

🍊 GOP Seeks To Shield Trump From All Future State Prosecutions (HuffPo) – “Now comes a proposal that Rep. Russell Fry (R-S.C.) said would “prevent political prosecutions” by moving cases against former presidents from state jurisdiction to federal court, where judges are confirmed by the Senate, an institution reliably influenced by elected Republicans.”

🎥 Donald Glover Confirms His Involvement in the ‘Community’ Movie (Collider) – “It looks like Troy Barnes is making a comeback, as Donald Glover has revealed that he’ll be returning to his Community role in the upcoming film that will take place after the series’ final episode.”

🌎 The big reason why the U.S. is seeking the toughest-ever rules for vehicle emissions (NPR) – “The new standards are so strict that, according to the EPA’s estimates, up to 67% of new vehicles sold in 2032 may have to be electric in order for carmakers to be in compliance.”