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Holy crap, Tennessee GOP, WTF.

Just wild-ass racism, right out loud and in full view of the public, holy shit. 🤯

Republican legislators in Tennessee voted Thursday to expel two Black Democrats from the state House over their protests on the chamber floor against gun violence last week, while a vote to expel a third white Democratic representative fell short.

Tennessee GOP expels 2 Black Democratic lawmakers for anti-gun violence protests. A white legislator survived her vote. (NBC News)

This whole thing is complete bullshit, for starters – There was a fairly polite youth protest in Tennessee over the recent school shooting there, and three Democratic legislators joined the protest, entering “the well,” where the Speaker’s desk and whatnot is, to protest. That’s apparently against the rules of decorum in the Tennessee legislature. Cue the Tennessee GOP tearing their hair and gnashing their teeth over this pretty chill protest, claiming it was the same thing as the Jan. 6 insurrection and going so far as to refer to the three legislators as insurrectionists.

Today the GOP-led legislature voted to expel two of the representatives – the two Black guys – but not the third, the white lady. Rep. Gloria Johnson, the white lady who narrowly avoided being expelled, said when asked why she didn’t get expelled, that it “might have to do with the color of my skin.”

Holy racist, fascist motherfuckers, Batman.