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Indictment Day

According to some junk I read last night but didn’t bother bookmarking Trump’s arraignment will be at 2:15pm ET today, followed by a press conference by Alvin Bragg (the DA) at 3:30pm ET. Sometime around there the actual indictment will be unsealed and we’ll know what Trump’s getting charged with. Rumor has it there’s 34 charges in the indictment, which is apparently a lot? 🤷

Several news outlets are liveblogging the day although I gotta say arraignments are usually fairly boring so I don’t know what-all there is to liveblog. Trump’s involved, though, so you never know what kind of circus this might turn into. A few liveblogs:

If you need a brush-up, Vox has a pretty good explainer of Trump’s current criminal investigations.

While we wait to find out how much trouble Trump’s in, here’s a list of fun movie trailers that have dropped in the last day or two:

Anyway, I’ll pop back in here and update this when we find out what’s up with Trump later on.

(ETA: 11am) Still waiting for news to break, but while we do…

(Update, 11:53am) Trump’s pleading not guilty (🙄) to “34 counts of falsifying business records and conspiracy for his alleged role in hush money payments to two women.

I’m hunting for something with more detail on the charges but the indictment was just unsealed, so it may take a bit before folks start explaining the charges and whatnot.

(Update, 2:34pm)