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Say Yes! to Michigan

The Michigan Senate voted today to end their “right to work” law that let workers enjoy the benefits of union membership without paying union dues. It just needs Gov. Whitmer’s signature to make it official.

👉 Detroit News: Michigan Senate approves repeal of right-to-work law – “The Michigan Senate was approving landmark victories for organized labor Tuesday evening by repealing the 2012 right-to-work law that made union membership optional at unionized workplaces and re-establishing a prevailing wage standard for state projects.”

The point of this law was only ever to weaken unions by taking a chunk out of their funding, which comes from union dues. Why would you pay union dues if you’re getting the benefits anyway? Don’t want to join a union? Don’t go to work for a union shop. Oh, they pay better? And you get better benefits and more sick and vacation days and whatnot? Then shut up, pay your dues, and work there. Pretty straightforward.

You can add this to the list of things Michigan is doing right lately, like protecting abortion rights and protecting LGBTQ+ rights.