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Train Crashes & UFOs

File this under “Why Aren’t We Hearing More About This Disaster?”: On Feb. 3, a massive Norfolk Southern freight train crashed near East Palestine, Ohio, while carrying five cars worth of vinyl chloride, a super toxic carcinogenic chemical. The town had to be evacuated, the chemicals had to be burned off, and the EPA and the train company are all, “No, it’s all cool, everything’s safe now, no need to be worried,” while dogs and chickens and other animals drop dead and the rivers fill up with dead fish and frogs and whatnot.

Worth pointing out – when the rail workers were all trying to strike a few months back and Congress stepped in and forced them to stop and stuck them with crappy rules they didn’t want, this is exactly the kind of thing the rail workers were warning us about.

Next up, UFOs, apparently. The smaller, lower-flying objects that have everyone all in a tizzy are almost certainly some kind of balloon/drone, but it’s worth pointing out that the folks in charge are not being helpful with their “We can’t rule out aliens” and “We can only call it an object right now” and other, BS-y, don’t-want-to-committ-to-an-answer-because-they’re-scared-of-being-wrong-on-TV answers.