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CGI Smoochin’

Netflix made a romcom called You People, starring Jonah Hill and Lauren London, and rumor has it that the stars’ smooch at the end of the movie is CGI. They didn’t actually kiss.

The Guardian has this article about it, French miss: is the future of movie kissing in jeopardy?, wherein the author writes,

Screencap of article. Text reads, "If this is true, it’s hard to know what to make of it. On the one hand, of course you can make two characters fake kiss with CGI. You can do anything with CGI. CGI helped Thanos throw a moon at Iron Man, so it only stands to reason that it should make Jonah Hill kiss Lauren London. But on the other hand, it does feel a bit like cheating. You People is a romcom, after all, and people do kiss each other in romcoms. Depriving us (the viewers) of that moment (a climactic romantic gesture) in favour of something much worse (mashing two clumps of pixels together with a computer) robs the moment of intimacy."

And like. Y’all know this is fiction, right? If you can’t tell that the kiss is CGI, does it matter if it actually happened IRL? The whole thing you just watched is fake. The vast majority of modern action movies are basically photorealistic cartoons. All kinds of stuff is fake in movies. Stunts, special effects, whole entire actors. I can’t imagine caring if the kiss at the end of a romcom is real or not, especially if you can’t actually tell in the movie.

(I assume you can’t? I haven’t seen the movie and probably won’t – not my type of thing to watch.)

Even if the kiss is CGI, you weren’t “deprived” of anything. It’s a story. It’s fiction. It’s all fake to start with. Within the realm of this fictitious thing you watched, the kiss did happen. Mouths, pixelated or not, mashed together on screen where you could see it.

It’s super weird that someone would clutch their pearls over this. There’s a plague on, people. Doesn’t Jonah Hill take care of his elderly mother or something like that? Maybe he didn’t want to risk bringing COVID home to her? Maybe he just didn’t want to kiss Lauren London or she didn’t want to kiss him? It’s weird that you think people should be made to kiss for your entertainment in a time when they don’t have to, y’know?