Link Roundups & LinkDumps

Quick Links: Jan. 12

Today’s links cover a special counsel over those classified documents at Biden’s house, expunging Trump’s impeachments, falling inflation rates, decaf coffee, and the California floods.

  1. CNN: Former US attorney named special counsel in Biden document probe – They’ve appointed a special counsel to look into that handful of classified docs found in Biden’s house. Biden’s cooperating fully, obviously.
  2. Washington Post: McCarthy says he’s willing to look at expunging a Trump impeachment – Oh for fuck sake.
  3. AP: US inflation eases grip on economy, falling for a 6th month – Inflation has fallen for the sixth month in a row.
  4. Slate: Can Science Finally Create a Decent Cup of Decaf? – No. Because it’ll still be decaf.
  5. BuzzFeed News: California Floods: Aerial Images Show The Scale Of Damage Across The State – Yikes. 😬