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Kevin McCarthy & the Speakership, & whatever else manages to happen today

We can apparently expect more clown shows in the House today, so that should be fun. They do say laughing is good for your health.

🤡 Apparently we’re going to go ahead and start off with Kevin McCarthy losing yet another vote for Speaker of the House. This is the fourth round of voting, and the fourth time he’s lost. You can watch the voting and House shenanigans here on YouTube.

📰 Before we get too caught up in all that drama, a couple of bits of non-Speaker of the House news:

🤡 And it’s official: McCarthy just lost his fourth vote. A fifth is expected.

Screencap of tweet by Greg Sargent on Jan. 4 2023, reading, "So McCarthy wants Dem support? Dems should make this the condition for *starting* talks:
*permanent disabling of debt limit
*no Holman Rule defunding investigations of Trump
*no BS hearings designed to fake-discredit 1/6 findings
*support for Tillis/Sinema-type border plan"

💭 I keep seeing things like the above tweet about how House Democrats should make a deal with McCarthy to get him elected Speaker and like, why would you do that. No deal will be honored. McCarthy will screw you the hot second he gets the gavel. Obviously. OBVIOUSLY. You can’t trust these GOP loons for anything. WHAT FUCKING FOOLS THINK THIS WEST WING BULLSHIT WILL WORK. Ohmigawd, this idiocy is embarrassing.

🤡 And McCarthy just lost a fifth vote. OMG.

🤡 They’re going to try a sixth time, lol, lmao. Update: Sixth vote also failed to produce a Speaker.

🤡 The House is taking a break until 8pm ET, presumably so the Republicans can go yell at each other some more.

🍊 Meanwhile, yesterday, Trump called House members to try to get them to vote for McCarthy and not only did it not work, like, at all, but those House members spent part of their mornings ragging on Trump while they voted for even trying.

🤡 I figured this would happen – the House came back into session at 8pm and immediately voted to adjourn for the day. (Barely.) They’ll be back in tomorrow at noon. If you’re curious, Vox has a run-down of the ways this phenomenal mess could end. McCarthy could come up with some sort of deal that gets him the votes he needs, they hit a stalemate and nothing moves forward (which is not exactly an end, per se, I mean they have to get a Congress together at some point, some way), McCarthy gives up and these idgits manage to rally behind some other jackass (probably most likely, I think), or the Democrats make a deal with “moderate” Republicans and manage to elect some kind of “unity candidate” that no one really wants.


Photo Credit: Kevin McCarthy at a Trump rally in 2020, by Gage Skidmore. (CC BY-SA 2.0)