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Books I Read in 2022

It’s been a murder mystery-heavy year – the vast majority of books on the list this year were murder mysteries. I discovered Tana French, who writes pretty good books. I enjoyed everything I read by her this year. I also read several John Scalzi books – The Kaiju Preservation Society was especially good. Tons of fun.

Heading into 2023, I want to read The Expanse novels. I read the first one last year and then got sidetracked and never finished the series. So that’s on my to-do list. So are more John Scalzi books – I’ve heard good things about The Old Man’s War series. Chuck Wendig did a sequel to Wanderers that came out this past fall, called Wayward, and that’s on my to-read list, too.

Here’s 2022’s reading by month, with a few notes on what I’d read: January | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November.

Of course, December’s reads are smushed into this year-end list, but begin with #96, The Cold Blue Blood, which was a fun book. Scalzi’s Collapsing Empire series was fantastic. Mercedes Lackey’s “origins of Valdemar” series – Beyond, Into the West – has been a bit disappointing. Dull, contrived, forced, and like, the voice in these novels is so different that I would bet a not-insignificant sum of money on them being ghost written. Go read Arrows of the Queen then read these two newest ones and tell me Mercedes Lackey wrote ’em all. I am dubious.

At any rate, I’ve listed everything I read this year below. Bolded items were particularly good reads.

  1. A Morbid Taste for Bones, Ellis Peters
  2. One Corpse Too Many, Ellis Peters
  3. Monk’s Hood, Ellis Peters
  4. Saint Peter’s Fair, Ellis Peters
  5. The Leper of Saint Giles, Ellis Peters
  6. The Virgin in the Ice, Ellis Peters
  7. The Sanctuary Sparrow, Ellis Peters
  8. The Devil’s Novice, Ellis Peters
  9. Dead Man’s Ransom, Ellis Peters
  10. The Pilgrim of Hate, Ellis Peters
  11. An Excellent Mystery, Ellis Peters
  12. The Raven in the Foregate, Ellis Peters
  13. The Rose Rent, Ellis Peters
  14. The Leper of Saint Giles, Ellis Peters
  15. The Confession of Brother Haluin, Ellis Peters
  16. The Heretic’s Apprentice, Ellis Peters
  17. The Potter’s Field, Ellis Peters
  18. The Summer of the Danes, Ellis Peters
  19. The Holy Thief, Ellis Peters
  20. Brother Cadfael’s Penance, Ellis Peters
  21. A Rare Benedictine: The Advent of Brother Cadfael, Ellis Peters
  22. Fallen Into The Pit, Ellis Peters
  23. Death and the Joyful Woman, Ellis Peters
  24. Flight of a Witch, Ellis Peters
  25. A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs, Ellis Peters
  26. The Piper on the Mountain, Ellis Peters
  27. Black Is the Colour of My True Love’s Heart, Ellis Peters
  28. The Grass Widow’s Tale, Ellis Peters
  29. Storm Front, Jim Butcher
  30. Fool Moon, Jim Butcher
  31. Grave Peril, Jim Butcher
  32. Summer Knight, Jim Butcher
  33. Death Masks, Jim Butcher
  34. Blood Rites, Jim Butcher
  35. Dead Beat, Jim Butcher
  36. Proven Guilty, Jim Butcher
  37. White Knight, Jim Butcher
  38. Small Favor, Jim Butcher
  39. Turn Coat, Jim Butcher
  40. Changes, Jim Butcher
  41. Ghost Story, Jim Butcher
  42. Cold Days, Jim Butcher
  43. Skin Game, Jim Butcher
  44. Peace Talks, Jim Butcher
  45. Battle Ground, Jim Butcher
  46. Side Jobs, Jim Butcher
  47. Brief Cases, Jim Butcher
  48. Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, Jonathan L. Howard
  49. Johannes Cabal the Detective, Jonathan L. Howard
  50. The Fear Institute, Jonathan L. Howard
  51. Johannes Cabal: The Brothers Cabal, Jonathan L. Howard
  52. Johannes Cabal: The Fall of the House of Cabal, Jonathan L. Howard
  53. In The Woods, Tana French
  54. The Likeness, Tana French
  55. Faithful Place, Tana French
  56. Broken Harbor, Tana French
  57. The Secret Place, Tana French
  58. The Trespasser, Tana French
  59. Unfuck Your Habitat, Rachel Hoffman
  60. Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children Book 1), Seanan McGuire
  61. Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children Book 2), Seanan McGuire
  62. Beneath the Sugar Sky (Wayward Children Book 3), Seanan McGuire
  63. In an Absent Dream (Wayward Children Book 4), Seanan McGuire
  64. The Law, Jim Butcher
  65. The Orville: Sympathy for the Devil, Seth MacFarlane
  66. The Sandman, 1-75, Neil Gaiman (comic books)
  67. Be the Serpent (October Daye), Seanan McGuire
  68. The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11, Garrett M. Graff
  69. The Kaiju Preservation Society, John Scalzi
  70. Fairy Tale, Stephen King
  71. The Wee Free Men, Terry Pratchett
  72. A Hat Full of Sky, Terry Pratchett
  73. Wintersmith, Terry Pratchett
  74. I Shall Wear Midnight, Terry Pratchett
  75. The Shepherd’s Crown, Terry Pratchett
  76. The Case of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery, Nancy Springer
  77. The Case of the Left-Handed Lady: An Enola Holmes Mystery, Nancy Springer
  78. The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets: An Enola Holmes Mystery, Nancy Springer
  79. The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan: An Enola Holmes Mystery, Nancy Springer
  80. The Case of the Cryptic Crinoline: An Enola Holmes Mystery, Nancy Springer
  81. The Case of the Disappearing Duchess: An Enola Holmes Mystery, Nancy Springer
  82. Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche, Nancy Springer
  83. Enola Holmes and the Boy in Buttons, Nancy Springer
  84. Enola Holmes and the Elegant Escapade, Nancy Springer
  85. The Searcher, Tana French
  86. Crossed By Death (Stitches In Crime Book 1), ACF Bookens
  87. Bobbins and Bodies (Stitches In Crime Book 2), ACF Bookens
  88. Hanged by a Thread (Stitches In Crime Book 3), ACF Bookens
  89. Counted Corpse (Stitches In Crime Book 4), ACF Bookens
  90. Stitch X For Murder (Stitches In Crime Book 5), ACF Bookens
  91. Sewn at the Crime (Stitches In Crime Book 6), ACF Bookens
  92. Blood and Back Stitches (Stitches In Crime Book 7), ACF Bookens
  93. Fatal Floss (Stitches In Crime Book 8), ACF Bookens
  94. Strangled Skein (Stitches In Crime Book 9), ACF Bookens
  95. Publishable By Death (St. Marin’s Cozy Mystery Series Book 1), ACF Bookens
  96. The Cold Blue Blood: A Berger and Mitry Mystery, David Handler
  97. Beyond, Mercedes Lackey
  98. The Collapsing Empire, John Scalzi
  99. The Consuming Fire, John Scalzi
  100. The Last Emperox, John Scalzi
  101. Into the West, Mercedes Lackey
  102. Supernatural: Bobby Singer’s Guide to Hunting, David Reed