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Musk & Twitter, abortion rights, Mastodon, the Jan. 6 committee, more

🦤 Uuuugh. Elon Musk and Twitter. I’m already deeply sick of this drama, and annoyed that it keeps impinging on my news reading. He banned reporters. He unbanned reporters. He banned another reporter because she wrote an article about him he didn’t like. She’s still banned. He banned yet another reporter for an article he didn’t like. I think that one’s unbanned? He outlawed linking to other social media sites on Twitter. He backpedaled. He ran a poll asking if he should step down from running Twitter and lost. Jesus goddamn Christ up a tree. Go away, Elon Musk, no one likes you.

🐘 If you’re good and sick of Twitter, here’s pretty good “getting started” guide to Mastodon. Mastodon’s been a little wonky the last few days because so many people were jumping ship from Twitter and signing up there over the weekend, so don’t be surprised if things seem a bit slow and/or glitchy when you go check it out. It’ll even out pretty soon, don’t worry.

☕ Meanwhile, climate change is ruining our ability to farm coffee, and so help me, if our utter failure to address climate change ends up costing me my morning coffee, I will not be held responsible for the consequences. Which will be dire.

⚖️ The Jan. 6 committee meets today for, I’m pretty sure, the last time, and they’re going to recommend charges against Trump for the Jan. 6 insurrection. Watch it here.

🤬 Well, lookie here. What’s this I see? Is it anti-abortion crusaders coming after contraceptives? Why yes. Yes it is. We fucking told you so.

🍊 If, for some weird reason, you want a peek into Trump’s current mindset, you can read this article, which talks about the chaos-filled days at Mar-A-Lago and how Trump’s aides are calling around to his friends to have them call Trump on slow news days to tell him nice things so he doesn’t get too pissy to deal with.

🎁 Need a mood boost? Go check out and buy a kid a holiday present.

🍊 The Jan. 6 committee, during their last meeting, agreed to refer criminal charges to the Department of Justice for Trump and a few of his minions. That doesn’t actually mean a lot, legally, though. Basically it’s the committee telling the DoJ, “Hey, we did a lot of investigating and we found some crimes.” The DoJ responds with a letter, and can choose to ignore things after that. In this case, considering the DoJ is already investigating Trump and his cronies, they’re probably not going to ignore things.