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Fusion, Musk, Marjorie Taylor Greene, more.

🤓 Hey, so, over the weekend the Financial Times reported that the Livermore laboratory in California had done some fusion and actually made more energy than they used to generate the reaction, which, if it’s true, is a big fuckin’ deal. Unfortunately, it seems like maybe this isn’t… exactly?… true? Here’s Josh Marshall of TPM with some doubts: First | Second. Like, I dunno, what I know about fusion reactions could fit on a post-it note with room left over for a grocery list so don’t take my word for it, but it kind of sounds like they made an interesting and hopeful first step, but that mainstream news is reporting it breathlessly and overhyping it a smidge. (Mainstream news, by the way: CNN, USA Today, New York Times, Axios, Reuters.)

🤣 Dave Chapelle, who used to be funny but is now way more interested in bashing transgender people than making jokes, invited Elon Musk out on stage at a show this weekend. Musk was booed relentlessly. Chapelle tried to save him by calling his audience poor, which I’m sure was helpful.

🍆 Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene claims that she and Steve Bannon could have “won” the Jan. 6 insurrection if they’d planned it and also it would have been an armed insurrection, which, sure, honey. Like, for starters, y’all did plan it, and plenty of people were there with guns. For another, that’s some mighty big talk from a bunch of people who have the swooning vapors every time someone mentions a pronoun. I think she also claimed you can buy dildos and butt plugs at CVS and Target now at the same talk and that’s why America is going to hell in a handbasket or some such, so that should tell you about how seriously to take her.

😆 Small-Town Mayor is Done With Visitors Looking for Love at Christmas Time: “I get that you’re confused and think this is the spot to have your Christmas romance. The town is named Evergreen Hollow, and that’s our bad. It sounds whimsical and romantic, but it was named after Nathaniel Evergreen, who was super into eugenics and all kinds of racist stuff.” Read it here.

⚡ Talking Points Memo got their hands on Mark Meadows’ Texts from the Jan. 6 insurrection!

💭 I’ve seen several people promoting their blogs or announcing that they’re going back to blogging or exhorting others to go back to blogging and whatnot since the whole Twitter debacle began. Personally, yeah. I think a return to blogs would be fun. But it can be hassle to follow a bunch of blogs, so a quick reminder: RSS readers are a thing. There are a ton to pick from, but my personal fav is the Old Reader, followed by Feedly. Get an RSS reader and follow some blogs!