TV & Movies

Movie Night(s)

I spent Thanksgiving week watching movies (and reading books). The book list – which is, so far, entirely mysteries – will be up in a couple of days, but here’s a look at some of the movies we caught.


Slumberland (a Netflix Original) features Jason Momoa and some other folks. It was fun and occasionally funny, which I was expecting, and both sweet and sad, which I was not. It was extremely a kids’ movie and it shows, so adult viewers might need to cut it a bit of slack, but over all, it was a decent enough movie. Also, Jason Momoa was clearly having an absolute ball.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

The GotG Holiday Special (Disney+) was 45 minutes of Christmasy fluff and gags and laugh-out-loud moments (“You can’t run from me, Bacon!”), with a sweet ending. It was also a bit of set-up for GotG 3, which I think comes out sometime next year? But not like, wildly necessary set-up, so don’t sweat it too much if you miss it. I’m sure the movie will catch you up on things. Overall, it was a hoot, and if you have access (or can get access, yarrr!), definitely give it a watch some night.

Black Adam

Black Adam (streaming and in theaters) was so disappointing. I mean, I didn’t go into it with high hopes, but I figured that even the Rock’s crappy movies are usually at least mildly entertaining because the Rock is in them. But man, even he couldn’t save this thing. Like, Dwayne Johnson’s whole thing is his charisma, which is such a palpable force that they just went ahead and made it into a super power in the Jumanji movies. And yet, somehow, Black Adam sucked all the life out of him and turned him into something about as compelling as wet toilet paper. Like, damn. That’s actually kind of impressive, now that I think about it. Pair that with a hot mess of a plot, absolutely painful dialogue, and the complete waste of both Peirce Brosnan and Aldis Hodge, and you’ve got a seriously tedious two hours on your hands.