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Kevin Conroy, Twitter, Trump, more

🦇 Kevin Conroy, who was the voice of Batman for basically everything worth a damn in the DC Animated Universe, as well as in videos games and other media, died today. He was the best Batman, arguably the definitive Batman. What a shame to lose him.

🤣 So Twitter rolled out that Twitter Blue mess, and the site promptly filled up to the rim with imposter accounts causing trouble for brands. Including, apparently, a fake Eli Lily account costing the real company billions.

🍊 Donald Trump claimed in a Truth Social tirade that he sent the FBI and U.S. attorneys to save Ron DeSantis’ campaign in 2018. Trump’s a pathological liar and this is probably not true? But I’m pretty sure it is the sort of thing we should check into.

🍉 Oh, shit, Gallagher died today, too. I remember watching his specials with my dad as a little kid, just laughing until we cried. And also the watermelon smashing, of course. I don’t remember any of his actual comedy bits anymore. I just remember thinking they were the height of hilarity when I was, like, 5 or 7. Apparently he was still touring right up until 2019. Huh.

📱 So, you know that advertisers are tracking the hell out of you via your mobile phone. Did you know you can turn a lot of that off? I didn’t.