Little Notes & Short Posts

Mastodon, Election Day, Twitter, more

🗳️ Tomorrow is Election Day. Consider this your friendly reminder that we may not know the results of Election Day right away. It might take awhile – mail-in votes, etc. I’ve seen some folks saying it might take as long as it did in 2020. So brace yourselves.

🐦 Over the weekend Twitter collapsed and everyone moved to Mastodon. I mean, not really, but kind of really? At least half my Twitter list set up Mastodon accounts and started poking around the site.

Mastodon is kind of different from Twitter, and it has a bit of a learning curve. It reminds me a bit of the Old Internet, the pre-social media web that was basically made up of a ton of weird little communities that didn’t interact too much with each other. I hope all the Twitter refugees don’t shit that all up.

Anyway, here’s a couple of tutorial-type things that I’ve been finding useful:

🐘 FYI, the Republicans are up to their usual voter suppression tricks. They’re suing to stop mail-in votes from counting in swing states.

🍊 Meanwhile, we’re apparently still looking forward to a Trump indictment after the midterms, which should be interesting considering Trump was planning to announce his 2024 campaign after the midterms.

🤢 Sometime this morning Musk posted a tweet that read, “If you don’t like Twitter anymore, there is awesome site called Masterbatedone.” and deleted it not too long after. Not because the “joke” was tortured, but because he also added an image along with the tweet that appeared to be his own computer screen, showing a Mastodon instance of some type or another. And folks, his computer screen was filthy. And had what certainly looked like a pube on it. I am not making this up. Yes, he got roasted half to death for it.