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Today’s Thoughts: Nancy & Paul Pelosi, Twitter, ‘Willow,’ more

💢 Some MAGA Cultist fuckbag broke into Nancy Pelosi’s home in California and attacked her husband with a hammer, intending, apparently, to hold him hostage until he could get his hands on Nancy. The fuckbag’s in jail and Pelosi’s husband is in surgery and expected to make a full recovery.

🙄 Meanwhile, Fox News is all “We just don’t know why this happened.” I’m pretty sure we can make a good guess at it, you chuds.

🐦 Elon Musk officially owns Twitter as of last night. He immediately fired a bunch of the Twitter muckety-mucks. I don’t intend to storm off Twitter in a huff just because I think Elon Musk is a big ol’ douchecanoe, but I don’t expect things to improve there. The platform is dying. Also, immediately after Musk took over, the site exploded in hate speech. Because Musk’s fanboys are trash.

🧙‍♂️ If you’ve got a minute in the next few weekends, you should watch Willow. The sequel series kicks off on Disney+ on Nov. 30. I’m looking forward to it.

💭 One one hand, I want to stay on top of whatever news there is about the Twitter situation, because if that thing goes down in flames I want front row seats. On the other hand, journos and other current events nerds keep retweeting Musk’s inane, trollish shitposting into my newsfeed. I think I’m gonna have to block him.