Little Notes & Short Posts

Today’s Thoughts: Climate change, social media, medicine, more

☀️ Hey, transparent solar panels might be a thing soon. Like, for windows!

🍄 If you need something new to worry about, you could try fretting about fungal diseases, because we barely study them and we have like four drugs to treat them and the fungi that infect us are getting resistant to them pretty fast. Yay!

⚕️ DYK: Most medicine and medical treatments were developed for and tested on men, and a whole bunch of that shit only tangentially applies to women? For example, as they say, the first sign of a heart attack in women is sudden death. Not really, but for most of recent medical history, we didn’t know what the signs were in women because they’d only studied heart attacks in men. Turns out, the same thing is true of concussions (and many, many other things, probably). Concussions apparently affect women way differently than men.

🍊 Something interesting went on with one of the multitude of legal cases against Trump this morning. Wish I could tell you more, but that’s apparently all we actually know at the moment. The Trump lawyers handling the case about the stolen documents found at Mar-A-Lago met for a closed meeting and/or hearing with prosecutors in a federal court in DC, which is unusual because they usually meet in New York or Florida.

🌡️ Everyone worries about the oncoming climate apocalypse, but there’s a chance it won’t be an apocalypse. We’re developing new technologies constantly to mitigate the effects of catastrophic climate change. Which, yay! Unfortunately, we ignored the problem for so long that even at the breakneck pace we’re currently solving problems and developing mitigating strategies and whatnot, the climate is still going to change drastically and in shitty, shitty ways. It’s just that we’ll be able to live with it. Sort of. Mostly. Probably especially if you have money, and less comfortably the poorer you are, if we follow established patterns for this kind of human fuckery. Think of it as living with a chronic disease instead of a sudden and terminal cancer. You’re not gonna die, but things are going to suck, at least a little bit, possibly often.

👍 Meta’s value is swirling around the toilet bowl, and Twitter is hemorrhaging active users. I don’t think social media is going away, but the sites we’ve been used to for the last twenty years are slowly dying. I’m not sure what we’re going to get next, but I think it’s going to look a whole lot different than it does right now in a couple of years.