Little Notes & Short Posts

Today’s Links: Musk, bugs, midterms, Trump, DeSantis, more

🐦 Since it sounds like Musk is actually about to buy Twitter, I’m trying to break my tweeting habit. Because let’s face it – the site is a garbage dump now. Musk ain’t gonna make it better.

🪲 You know how when you were a kid you’d go on a drive somewhere with the family and your windshield would be frickin’ covered in splatted bugs when you got where you were going? And it doesn’t seem like that happens anymore? Turns out, that’s because it isn’t. Because there are fewer bugs. Which is bad, because bugs are a major part of our ecosystem.

🗳️ The Democrats are aiming their big guns – Biden and Obama – at Pennsylvania for a big push for the midterms. Apparently the Democrats think control of the Senate is going to hang on Pennsylvania.

🍊 Trump’s been holding up “executive privilege” as a shield the whole time he’s been investigated, and it looks like the DoJ might finally be punching through that shield. Oh, and Hope Hicks is talking to the Jan. 6 committee. Hope Hicks has been circling around Trump for years, first as a PR agent working for a firm that worked for the Trumps, then as a Trump Organization employee, then press secretary for Trump’s campaign, then White House Director of Strategic Communications, White House Communications Director, and Counselor to the President. She’s been around for awhile. I bet she knows some things, is all I’m saying.

🤡 Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida debated his Democratic challenger Charlie Crist last night and just choked to death when Crist asked him if he would commit to serving his full four year term as Florida governor if he wins. I mean, it was amazing. I had to watch it a few times – I couldn’t believe how hard he choked. See the video here.

❣️ Here’s some good news: James Gunn is gonna be taking over as creative director of the DC movie universe. As in holy crap, you guys, we might finally get some good DC movies!

❣️ Bonus James Gunn-related good news: A trailer for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special just dropped and it looks pretty amazing.