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Re: Today’s Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

I don’t know how much more you need to hear before you decide that Trump and his cronies planned and executed a coup attempt against the United States. Put their asses in jail.

NBC News: Jan. 6 committee votes to subpoena former President Donald Trump

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol voted unanimously Thursday to subpoena former President Donald Trump.


“None of this would have happened without him. He was personally and substantially involved in all of it,” she said. “Today, we will focus on President Trump’s state of mind, his intent, his motivations, and how he spurred others to do his bidding. And how another Jan. 6 could happen again if we do not take necessary action to prevent it.”

Cheney also said that the committee “may ultimately decide to make a series of criminal referrals to the Department of Justice,” though she said that lawmakers “recognize that our role is not to make decisions regarding prosecution.”