Link Roundups & LinkDumps

Friday Notes (10/7/22)

Here’s this week’s handful of thoughts, notes, and links that I didn’t get around to posting yet.

💭 Hey, guess what I just found out the hard way on Wednesday? Google doesn’t ship a charger with their Pixels. What kind of rancid horseshit is that? Since when do you not send somebody a charger for the thing they bought that needs charged?

💭 Commenting on this gossipy little article, “Germaphobe Howard Stern leaves ‘bunker’ to dine with pals for first time since 2020,” Helaine Olen, WaPo opinion writer, says, “At some point we’re going to need to begin a conversation about the people still too afraid to leave their homes because of Covid. I personally know of two such cases. This is not a healthy way to live.” To which I say, “Hey y’know what else isn’t a healthy way to live? Watching all y’all door-knob-licking walnuts banzai your way through a deadly fuckin’ plague with all your faceholes hanging out in the open cause you’re all too fuckin’ special to wear a goddamn mask.” 😠

🔗 Here’s a pile of links I saved up this week, mostly dealing with the incoming recession, Trump’s bullshit, and COVID.