Link Roundups & LinkDumps

In case you missed it…

Couple of quick things:

Dr. Oz is a dog murderer. (👈 Be warned. That article is fucking unpleasant to read.) Dude oversaw and approved the murder and torture of like 300+ dogs, including puppies. And a whole bunch of other animals, too. I mean, Oz is a horrible human being for a wide variety of reasons, but this shit ranks right up near the top of the list.

Herschel Walker is even bigger hot trash than you thought. Along with abusing and assaulting his wives, girlfriends, and kids – please note the plurals, there, as in, he didn’t do it once, it’s a regular feature – he’s also a massive hypocrite who paid a girlfriend to get an abortion. Reminder that he’s running as an anti-abortion conservative.

And finally, I guess Elon Musk thinks he’s gonna buy Twitter again? But only if they close the lawsuit against him for trying to back out of it in the first place? Who knows. That dude is squirrellier than an oak tree.