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Luxury apocalypse bunkers for rich idiots.

For some reason when I popped onto YouTube today, my front page was a bunch of Tiny Homes/Weird Homes stuff. Oddly, quite a bit of it was of the “Why Tiny Homes Actually Suck” genre. It’s super weird. I haven’t been googling anything to do with these topics lately or signing my email up for anything that should be returning these topics, so I’m not sure why YouTube is suddenly all about it.

Anyway, one of the things sitting on my front page was this video about luxury bunkers for rich idiots made out of missile silos by other rich idiots.

View on Youtube.

For starters the only thing I could think of while I watched this video was Rapture from the first Bioshock game and how it turned into a festering broken hellpit basically immediately.

But the other thing I kept wondering is like… how on Earth is this supposed to work?

The owner/operator of this thing is being all secretive about where this particular bunker for rich idiots is, but at one point the guy is talking about how it can handle tons and tons of volcanic ash, because if the Yellowstone super volcano goes, they expect just mountains of ash in their location. Between that and the fact that a lot of those empty silos are in flyover states, you know this bunker is probably in the middle of nowhere.

The bunker was built with a nuclear apocalypse in mind, but… Okay, so, you’ve sold these condos to super rich nimrods, the kind of people who can literally just jump in a jet at any moment and go somewhere. But you don’t get very much warning about nuclear Armageddon, and this thing is has to be a couple of hours of flight time from anywhere the super rich are likely to be, right? Not to mention time to prep the plane and time for the people to get their own junk together.

And even if you do get some warning and get everything together in reasonable time, how easy is it going to be to hop in a plane or helicopter and fly, even if you’re super rich? How much flying are you going to get done with nukes raining down, or about to be raining down? Not to mention that they’ll probably ground everything immediately like they did for 9/11.

Obviously nobody’s living in the bunker right now. So you’ve bought this dumb thing with the idea that you’re just going to up and go there if the End Times suddenly pop off?

I don’t know, man. It just seems like an easy way to part fools from their money, to me.