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5 Things: Trump, abortion rights, & burn pits

Busy day ahead. Here’s some quick links.

  1. CNN: Appeals court says House can obtain Trump’s taxes from the IRS – “A federal appeals court on Tuesday signed off on a House Ways and Means Committee request to obtain former President Donald Trump’s tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service.”
  2. USA Today: Most Americans want chance to support abortion rights on state ballot, USA TODAY/Ipsos poll finds – “Americans overwhelmingly would like to be able to vote on an abortion measure on their state ballot, an exclusive USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds. And if they had the chance, they would oppose efforts to ban the procedure by almost 2-1.”
  3. NPR: Trump says he refused to answer any questions under oath in today’s New York testimony – “Donald Trump invoked the Fifth Amendment and wouldn’t answer questions under oath in the New York attorney general’s long-running civil investigation into his business dealings, the former president said in a statement Wednesday.”
  4. Washington Post: Mar-a-Lago search appears focused on whether Trump, aides withheld items – “People familiar with the investigation said that Justice Department and FBI officials traveled to Mar-a-Lago this spring, a meeting first reported by CNN. The officials spoke to Trump’s representatives, inspected the storage space where documents were held, and expressed concern that the former president or people close to him still had items that should be in government custody, these people said.”
  5. NBC News: Biden signs bill to expand benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits – “President Joe Biden signed legislation on Wednesday expanding health care benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.”