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The FBI raided Mar-A-Lago yesterday.


Former President Donald Trump said on Monday that FBI agents had searched his Mar-a-Lago club and residence in Palm Beach, Fla., and opened his safe.

The FBI and Department of Justice declined to comment, although Eric Trump said Monday night that he was told the search was related to the possible mishandling of government secrets the Justice Department is known to be investigating after the National Archives retrieved White House records from Mar-a-Lago.

NPR: Trump says FBI agents searched his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida

Predictably, MAGA Cultist Twitter, which includes many elected congresscritters, governors, and pundits, had an entire histrionic meltdown over the situation. Marjorie Taylor Green or whatever her stupid name is was all “DEFUND THE FBI” and Marco Rubio was crybabying through several tweets and some idgit from the Florida state congress was yelling that Florida should make the FBI illegal and Kevin McCarthy was trying to be all scary and claiming the GOP would investigate basically everyone when they took back the House*. It was all very dramatic.

(* This is a very good reason not to let the GOP take back the House this midterm. I mean, there are literal tons of good reasons, but this one, I.E., years of time and money wasted on BS “investigations,” ranks near the top.)

It’s important to point out that we don’t actually know what the raid was about. Everyone’s pretty sure it has something to do with those classified documents Trump stole on his way out the door – I think NBC actually confirmed that? – but otherwise, we don’t know anything about it yet. Reasonable people who know how this sort of thing works think it probably has something to do with that, but that there must also be something bigger/related going on, because this whole thing is absolutely unprecedented and wouldn’t have been undertaken all willy-nilly. Like, you don’t just get federal judges to sign off on FBI search warrants against former presidents because you got a wild hair up your ass some Monday afternoon.

We also don’t know what’s going to come of this. Is Trump going to get indicted? We don’t know. Dude’s in a lot of legal trouble, both federally and in a few states, and that was before this all went down.

There’s a non-zero chance we could put a former president behind bars, and that would be amazing. Honestly? It’s overdue. Powerful bastards should live in constant, quaking fear of the consequences of their actions and that they don’t is a goddamn travesty.

As to how likely it is that Trump sees the inside of a jail cell… well, it’s more likely today than it was Sunday, I guess, but I still wouldn’t rank the odds super high.

But just in case, do you remember, the website/newsletter run by Dan Sinker that ran down all the developments in the impeachment trials every day? Well, to cover his bases, he fired up last night. You can visit to sign up for free, and if this turns into a show, Sinker will email the daily developments to you like he did during the impeachments.