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Daily Thoughts: Pretty Space Photos

NASA released more of the first images from the James Webb Space telescope this morning. They’re pretty amazing.

Ooo. New desktop wallpaper for me!

🤯 HuffPo: White House Privately Signaling It’s Moving Forward With Anti-Abortion Court Pick – “Despite outcry from Democrats and reproductive rights groups, Biden isn’t backing off plans to nominate Chad Meredith, a source tells HuffPost.”

I cannot understand this. Even if this is a deal to give McConnell one judge and he stops blocking the rest, Biden must realize McConnell is gonna renege on the deal, right? That’s what he does.

This! I used to huddle up in coats even on 90°+ degree summer days, it was so damn cold in our office. Also,

  • Noise
  • Co-workers who only want to chat when I’m working
  • Constant interruptions

One thing I’ve been struck by over the years of the Trump administration, through all the stories that came out, and now during these hearings, is how unutterably hellish working for that administration must have been. All the yelling, swearing, and constant abuse. Like, I have no use for anyone who actually worked for the Trump administration, but still, working there must have been abominably miserable.

Two good Twitter threads, here and here, to read and consider.

Short Twitter thread full of good reminders.

Rep. Murphy walking through evidence that shows that the march to the capitol wasn’t spontaneous. I genuinely don’t know how you watch these hearings and walk away not believing this was a planned coup attempt.

Pair this with that TikTok “Oh, I fucked up” sound.

I’m a little bit annoyed with the way Rep. Thompson keeps introducing the women representatives as “the young lady,” or “the young woman.” I know that’s sort of a generational thing and meant to be complimentary, but it feels diminishing. Don’t love it.

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