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Those Uvalde cops keep changing their story.

The gunman was stopped by a security officer, who was shot and killed. Shot, but not killed. Not there at all. The cops ran in and engaged the gunman in a shoot out. No they didn’t. The gunman was shot and killed. The gunman was in custody. The cops ran in and saved their own kids, and left the rest to die. They arrested crowd members. They stood around with their thumbs up their asses while the gathering crowd pleaded with them to go save the kids.

The story keeps changing.

What seems sure at this moment is that the police in Uvalde, Texas, the so-called “good guys with guns” who are supposed to save us from armed assholes shooting up schools and grocery stores and churches and crowds, failed to do anything of use.

🏫 AP: Police: Texas gunman was inside the school for over an hour

After two days of providing often conflicting information, investigators said that a school district police officer was not inside Robb Elementary when 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos arrived around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, and, contrary to their previous reports, the officer had not confronted Ramos outside the building.

Instead, they sketched out a timeline notable for unexplained delays by law enforcement in responding to the attack.

What the fuck is even the point of cops if they aren’t standing up to an armed assailant attempting to murder 4th graders?

Meanwhile, the Senate has adjourned to begin their Memorial Day vacation, after doing exactly nothing to address gun violence in America.

Meanwhile, in a country where half the population has either already lost or is on the verge of losing their right to bodily autonomy and being turned into brood mares, where LGBTQ+ citizens are under attack, where trans children are being denied medical care and their families are investigated for child abuse, where MAGA cultists are banning books and editing history, where “ultra-MAGA” politicians are suing privately-owned bookstores to stop them from selling books they don’t like to adults, where we’ve had over 200 mass shootings just since January of this year, the goddamned useless Senate has gone on vacation without doing a goddamned thing to address any of these assaults on our liberties and rights.

Photo: United States Capitol Building, by Martin Falbisoner (CC BY-SA 3.0).