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Elon Musk & Twitter; Emmanuel Macron; & Orrin Hatch

So, a few quick things,

Emmanuel Macron, the non-Nazi French president, won his election and remains president. This is good because his main opponent was Marine Le Pen, who is, as you may have guessed from the context clues, basically a Nazi.

Orrin Hatch, former senator, died this weekend, and the Internet was full of the usual weirdos being like “Oh, don’t speak ill of the dead” but like, Orrin Hatch was an asshole? He was consistently anti-LGBTQ+ rights and anti-women’s rights, and pro-people owning as many guns as possible in a basically unregulated manner, among many other problematic positions. So, y’know. Fuck that guy, he was trash.

This morning’s big news is that Twitter is apparently selling out to Elon Musk, which. Ugh. I have no idea what effect, if any, Musk owning Twitter will have on actual Twitter but I feel like it’s probably not going to be great?

Musk has babbled about “taking Twitter private,” which, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. He claims he wants to get rid of ads? I don’t even know how that’s gonna work. It’s not like anyone is going to pay to use Twitter.

He also claims he’s going to solve Twitter’s “free speech problems,” but this guy is the kind of asshole who thinks “free speech” means white dudes, and in particular rich white dudes, should be allowed to say whatever ignorant/racist/misogynist/bigoted/otherwise hateful/harmful bullshit is twiddling around in their money-addled brains without facing a single consequence, but especially without being called out on Twitter by people. So I dunno what “free speech” problem he’s gonna solve. I guess you won’t be allowed to bully billionaires on Twitter anymore?

Update: From the Washington Post, “Elon Musk acquires Twitter for roughly $44 billion.” 😑

Photo Credit: Elon Musk. Photo Copyright 2010 The Henry Ford, via OnInnovation. (CC BY-ND 2.0)