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Friday Notes (4/8/22)

🤨 So these two guys who somehow had access to absolute shitloads of money spent all this time impersonating federal agents and giving freebies away to the Secret Service and other federal agents, and not only does no one seem to know why, but every time we learn more about it, the whole thing get weirder. I can’t wait to find out WTF is going on here.

🥴 Dude. Humans get frickin’ weird when we’re separated from each other for too long. Add that to stress and grief and outrage, and some days I’m honestly surprised we’re doing as well as we are.

😲 Scientists have manage to rejuvenate skin cells in this one woman, making the cells 30 years younger than they should be. This is kind of amazing. The end goal here is to be able to make any kind of cell decades younger, and reverse or prevent age-related diseases.

📺 I ordered this thing so I can watch cartoons on my Fire tablet while I’m on my exercise bike. It’s way more than I actually need, but the reviews on everything else I looked at were either all “This thing broke in 20 minutes” or “This thing broke my phone/tablet in 20 minutes,” so I decided to get the expensive thing.

🚲 Related to the above note, a worrying amount of widgets I looked at to hold my tablet up in front of my exercise bike indicated that they were for street bikes, which, no, do not watch TV while cycling around town, cyclists are annoying enough already.

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