5 Things: Book banning, the next pandemic, moral panics & red scares, the climate crisis, and Fox News

In today’s 5 Things we’re talking about book bans, what we can do to prevent the next pandemic, MAGA Cultists and their moral panics and red scares, the upcoming climate apocalypse, and reaching Fox News viewers.

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Twitter announced this morning that they’re putting Elon Musk, who just bought about 9% of Twitter, becoming the largest share owner of Twitter, on the Twitter board of directors. That doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out well for anyone.

Facebook is a toxic cesspit and Twitter’s worse. Tumblr’s got it’s own problems. Instagram’s a hive of Photoshopped weirdos… I’m pretty sure this whole “social media” thing has turned out to be a nightmare and we should all just go back to blogs and email.

I’m not saying blogs and email were better – it was just a lot harder to completely brainwash tons and tons of people at once with nothing but a LiveJournal and your Hotmail account.

Anyway, the news…

  1. NPR: Efforts to ban books jumped an ‘unprecedented’ four-fold in 2021, ALA report says – The American Library Association says they usually get about 500 challenges a year – about 500 tries at banning some book or another. In 2021 they got 1,597 book challenges. Many of those books were on LGBTQ+ topics or written by Black authors or LGBTQ+ authors.
  2. Vox: Pandemic-Proof – This is basically a landing page for Vox’s week-long push on how to prevent the next pandemic. Bookmark this and check back.
  3. Washington Post: The new red scare: The right leans into pedophilia accusations – If you’re hearing a lot of accusations of pedophilia and grooming levied against liberals and LBGTQ+ people, here’s why. The MAGA Cultists are ginning up the next moral panic.
  4. NPR: It’s not too late to stave off the climate crisis, U.N. report finds. Here’s how – Love that hopeful headline, there. We’ve got about eight years left to drastically change our ways to save the climate. I hold exactly zero hope that we will do what’s needed.
  5. Bloomberg: What If Fox News Viewers Watched CNN Instead? – This is from the Opinion section, and it’s “analysis,” but it’s talking about a study where they paid FOX News viewers to switch to CNN for awhile and charted the change in their opinions. Pretty interesting stuff.

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