Teen Mental Health

You cannot possibly be surprised about this.

Mental Health, Kid In School Wearing Cardboard Box On Head With Sad Face Drawn On Front, Via Pexels

Experts are warning of a “teen mental health crisis” and like, of course the kids are having a mental health crisis.

  • We’re hip deep in Nazis and fascists who are attacking everyone but straight white dudes who agree with them and appear to be making considerable headway.
  • We’re staring down the barrel of a climate apocalypse.
  • We’re in the grips of a pandemic and our leaders have decided that the best way to handle it is to ignore it.
  • They’re paying way too much to get an education that will maybe get them a job that will still treat them like garbage and won’t pay the bills anyway.
  • They can’t afford health care, let alone mental health care.
  • We send them to schools where they might get shot, and refuse to do anything sensible to prevent that.
  • The entire world is run by and optimized for the benefits of sociopathic oligarchs.

We built a world where they have no hope. Are you actually surprised they’re having problems?

Author: JavaElemental ☕

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