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Teen Mental Health

Experts are warning of a “teen mental health crisis” and like, of course the kids are having a mental health crisis.

  • We’re hip deep in Nazis and fascists who are attacking everyone but straight white dudes who agree with them and appear to be making considerable headway.
  • We’re staring down the barrel of a climate apocalypse.
  • We’re in the grips of a pandemic and our leaders have decided that the best way to handle it is to ignore it.
  • They’re paying way too much to get an education that will maybe get them a job that will still treat them like garbage and won’t pay the bills anyway.
  • They can’t afford health care, let alone mental health care.
  • We send them to schools where they might get shot, and refuse to do anything sensible to prevent that.
  • The entire world is run by and optimized for the benefits of sociopathic oligarchs.

We built a world where they have no hope. Are you actually surprised they’re having problems?