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Friday Notes (4/1/22)

There are no April Fool’s jokes in this post. It’s 2022 and the nature of “truth” and “reality” have already mostly dissolved – you don’t need me adding to the problem with bullshit pranks.

🦠 The knock-on effects of a COVID-19 infection currently include long-term cardiac damage, and, possibly, long-term brain damage. To that, you can add an increased risk of developing diabetes. Keep in mind – we’re not talking “Long COVID,” here. This is just what you might be dealing with after even a so-called “mild” COVID-19 infection. Get your shots; wear your masks.

📊 I keep hearing this “70% of Americans disapprove of the direction of the country” statistic being touted all over the place this week, which is weird, because that number is from January. Like. Why is everyone talking about it now?

💩 Sarah Palin has announced she’s running for Congress in Alaska. I thought that was an April Fool’s at first, but the New York Times is reporting the story.

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