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Ukraine & Russia, Biden’s SotU Address, & Trump’s Wall

So Biden did his State of the Union last night and about half of it talked about Russia’s BS invasion of Ukraine and all the actions that have been taken by the US and our allies to put a crimp in Putin’s plans, and the other half was about various domestic agendas.

Of note was Biden’s plan for getting past the pandemic, which is definitely a plan, I guess. His “test and treat” thing where you get tested and get your antivirals right there at the pharmacy was interesting, but that has to be funded through Congress, along with his other initiatives, so I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

He also talked a big game about giving cops more money so they can keep us safe or whatever and like, yes, when everyone rioted all summer long screaming #DefundThePolice, sending more cash to cops was exactly what we wanted them to do.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Russia is claiming they took a major city, but like… Russia lies about everything and Ukraine says they didn’t take the city?

And, just to wrap this thing up with a bit of a laugh…