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5 Things: COVID | Jobs | the CDC | Omicron | Flurona

Finally, after an entire actual week, I have two properly working toilets.

Like, we did have one toilet that, while badly located and weirdly kindergarten-sized, did mostly actually work right. And having to go all the way downstairs to use it if you woke up in the dead of the night instead of just a few steps across the hall was irritating, but it was not the end of the world. So this is one of those things that’s just annoying enough to rankle every time the issue came up, but not so annoying that you feel justified complaining. Which, in itself, makes it even more annoying.

Anyway, glad that’s sorted out.

And now, some quick newsy bits because it’s been a long week back from vacation and I’m tired:

  1. Reuters: Covid Science: Virus leaves antibodies that may attack healthy tissues – “Months after recovering from SARS-CoV-2 infection, survivors have elevated levels of antibodies that can mistakenly attack their own organs and tissues, even if they had not been severely ill, according to new findings.” Oh, awesome.
  2. Washington Post: A record 4.5 million workers quit or changed jobs in November – It turns out that if you spend two years letting your cashiers, servers, cooks, and retail clerks die in droves during a pandemic just so rich SOBs can have a more convenient time of things, the surviving “essential workers” will tell you to go fuck yourself and get better jobs. Weird.
  3. CNBC: CDC declines to add Covid testing recommendation to updated isolation guidance despite criticism – See above. You have to get those essential workers and office drones back to the grind. Who cares if they’re spewing disease everywhere and dropping dead? Jeff and Elon gotta make them dollars, folks.
  4. NPR: What we know about the symptoms — and the severity — of the omicron variant – So, as long as you’re vaxxed and boosted, Omicron does seem to be less severe than other variants. Also, it has different symptoms, so you’re gonna want to read up on that.
  5. Lifehacker: What Is ‘Flurona,’ and Should We Be Worried About It? – “Flurona” is when you have COVID-19 and influenza at the same time, and since they both attack your upper respiratory system and they can both kill you, like, yeah, you should probably have some concerns. Go get your flu shots and COVID shots, you idgits.