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Books I Read in November 2021

November’s been a surprisingly busy month and we’ve been watching a lot of Deep Space 9, so I didn’t read very much this month.

I did grab the novelization of the Trials and Tribble-ations episode, which was a fun, quick read. Immortal Coil was a good read, too. Its premise, which is that the Star Trek universe is basically hip deep in sapient androids of various kinds, sheds some interesting light on Picard and its precursor novel.

I also read the BioShock prequel novel, which was excellent and led to re-watching a bunch of Let’s Plays of the video games.

  1. Bioshock: Rapture, John Shirley
  2. STDS9: Trials and Tribble-ations, Diane Carey
  3. STTNG: Immortal Coil, Jeffrey Lang

I also tried reading Please Scream Inside Your Heart: Breaking News and Nervous Breakdowns in the Year that Wouldn’t End, by Dave Pell, but couldn’t stick with it. I think mainly because its just too recent? I remember the news-based hellscape of 2020 pretty well, so I couldn’t get interested in this book. I may try it again in a few years, when my memory’s faded a bit.