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5 Things: Abortion Rights | Omicron | Trump | ‘Mind Reading’

Eh, so it’s eight things today. 🤷

This Wednesday the Trump-loaded SCotUS takes on Roe v. Wade. I do not have high hopes. I think there’s a better than average chance that the Supreme Court manages to kill Roe v. Wade.

Meanwhile, Omicron. Don’t panic. We don’t know anything worth panicking over, yet. We won’t for awhile. Wear your masks, get your shots, wash your hands, etc.

Also, Trump. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he dies before 2024, but I don’t know if the universe will let us get that lucky. And I’m not sure it matters if he runs or not? The damage is done, the losers in Congress don’t seem to have the will to fix anything, and the current GOP crop of nuts is even Trumpier than Trump is, so I don’t know if having actual Trump on the ticket is any worse.

Finally, mind reading? Apparently. Super interesting article about trying to detect thoughts in the brain. If you’ve got the time, it’s a fascinating read.

  1. AP News: Supreme Court set to take up all-or-nothing abortion fight
  2. Science: ‘Patience is crucial’: Why we won’t know for weeks how dangerous Omicron is
  3. NPR: As omicron spreads, studies suggest that travel bans alone don’t do much good
  4. Washington Post: As omicron emerges, a tired public has little appetite for new restrictions
  5. New Yorker: The Science of Mind Reading
  6. Washington Post: Opinion: How will the media cover Trump in 2024? Insiders are sounding the alarm.
  7. Washington Post: Trump allies work to place supporters in key election posts across the country, spurring fears about future vote challenges
  8. The Guardian: Republicans are quietly rigging election maps to ensure permanent rule