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Re: Judge Bruce Schroeder

Oooooooh my god. I resisted watching this clip for hours because I knew it was going to hurt but goddamn, I didn’t know it was going to be this bad.

Look man, I get it, I’m at the age where I’m starting to bump into technology I can’t grok, but like, I am not deciding matters of life and death. Me not being able to figure out what black sorcery my Chromecast is using isn’t hurting anything but my pride.

This shit here, though? This is… unacceptable. This dude is making BIG SERIOUS DECISIONS at least partially based on his inability to understand zooming a screenshot.

This reminds me of dudes on the SCotUS who don’t know how email works or can’t figure out how text messages are different than a beeper, FFS. Like, we cannot have people who have zero understanding of the basics of modern life setting legal precedents and whatnot.