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Books I Read in September 2021

The newest October Daye novel came out in September and I chewed through that in about a day. It was fun.

I had spotted that there was a new “Trump years” book coming out from Bob Woodward, Peril, which led me to discover that he’d also written another Trump book, Rage, which, along with Fear, makes three books (so far) he’s gotten out of Trump’s narcissistic incompetency. Good for him. If I remember right, Fear covers roughly the first two years of the Trump presidency with a focus on the Mueller investigation. Rage covers roughly the second half with a focus on North Korea and COVID-19. Peril focuses on the Jan. 6 insurrection and the transition to President Biden.

Rage and Peril were good reads, although it’s worth noting that Peril drifts into the boring as its view shifts towards Biden and the beginning of his presidency. Which, I guess, proves the point. There are revelations about Trump’s corruption and stupidity in all three books, but really, we’re here for the train wreck. Once the tracks are clean and Biden’s driving the train, things get a lot more sedate and a lot less… well, I mean, “compelling” isn’t exactly the right word. I guess it gets a lot less whatever the word is for “trapped like a deer in headlights staring in horror at the oncoming tragedy.”

  1. When Sorrows Come, Seanan McGuire
  2. Rage, Bob Woodward
  3. Peril, Bob Woodward & Robert Costa